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Antalya old city. As I promised in the entry Turkey in spring without fear I will introduce you to the beautiful Turkish city of Antalya. As part of the organized trips (which I have already described) we were supposed to visit this city. As it turned out, it was not our main point of the day, but some fashion show (I will describe this and other peculiarities of this trip later). That’s why the whole, but really, whole tour of this city took about 3 hours. The time I am talking about is the time I had at my disposal to the full. And it all started so beautifully ..

They gave us a lift to the observation deck (in front of the old town). What an obliging tour operator. If he knew then what awaited me, I would get off somewhere in the city on the way and they would take us right away to this fashion show and to a clothing store. And it was a shop on the edge of town in an industrial district, so … internal cry was overwhelming me. Wife too ..

After hours of this unnecessary nonsense, they finally took us to the city. If he had known that I would visit the center only from the bus windows, I would have taken more photos, yes … single ones are just knocking around in the archive.

Antalya old city

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to explore the Old Port a bit. It is a pity that I do not have more photos from the streets leading to the port because I will tell you that just walking through them was a wonderful experience. Filled with old buildings, stalls, shops (lots of handmade work). In the old port I feasted my eyes a bit and filled my soul with good emotions (so rare on this organized trip).

And let’s not forget the ancient port’s mighty fortifications!

They go back to the meeting point, we entered the lamp shop (because we had literally bought nothing as a souvenir). There we saw a charming lamp made of numerous small glass elements (like a mosaic) and very decorative (very Turkish style). It is true that the price was much lower than in the boutique in the fashion show hall ($ 240 there, $ 80 here), but we didn’t have much money anymore (the trip was ending) so sadly we left. While waiting for others and sipping coffee, my wife and I came to the conclusion that maybe we would buy it. I went. And I started to haggle. And it was not a bargaining like in the shops run by noble and elderly Turks (tea to greet and slowly finish the market with a smile). It was an element. I lied that I did not have a credit card and shelled out a few euros, some dollars and Turkish lira. And because I knew how much I had, I showed the pens in my wallet to the shopkeepers, put my pants pockets outside and said that I had no more. On the table there were banknotes and coins laid out by me (currency mix as I mentioned). Next to the lamp (what a beautiful lamp). Me and more and more Turks. Because it all started with one seller. He called his friend, then all the attendants of the store came, and then their families probably came too. Crowd. Noise, gesticulation, rapid Turkish chirp. Whew… They sold. For $ 42 (that’s how much I counted what I put on the table in different currencies).

When I was coming back to my wife, I thought I was going even. I was so filled with emotions. Adrenaline, happiness and a little bit of everything else too. Is this lamp worth $ 42? For me it is priceless and I think I paid very little. Considering that in the morning gallery it cost $ 240 and in a shop in the Old Town $ 80 (initial price), I encourage you to bargain wherever you can and not to buy in expensive galleries where they take you (in an organized trip). Haggling in Turkey is an old custom and the shopkeeper will really treat you with more respect if you bargain.

Antalya old town – I have a memory worth telling others. Every time I think about him, I’m smiling and I’m just filled with energy. And I have the lamp until now.

Antalya old city map

Antalya old city – summary

Despite the unwanted attractions, I still have fond memories of this trip to Turkey. Tasty and cheap. I managed to see a few things and despite the difficulties, effort and nerves as it happens in life – only good things are remembered.

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