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Cheap accommodation in Austria is what I need on my way to Italy. Of course, I am aware that there are so many interesting things to see in Austria, so you don’t have to convince me that I am making a mistake by crossing this country so easily. But forgive me. In my opinion, Austria is losing 10 to 0 with Italy. And I am planning to explore Italy for a long time this I need a good and affordable accommodation in Austria. I found one in an ideal place on the route halfway between Vienna and Graz, i.e. in Pinkefeld. What can I say about this discovery? In the school dormitory, without TV but with wifi (I am a poet). For funny money (anyone who was looking for something in Austri it knows what the prices are there). Very clean, school food + (or maybe it’s the norm for them). The lady (teacher I suppose) spoke the most beautiful English I have heard, from Poland to Italy. I assume that she also spoke perfect German.

Cheap accommodation in Austria

As for the town itself. Senna. I think everyone goes to bed at 8pm (similar I had my feelings in Bavaria). In the center (sounds noisy) a few pubs from which came loud and joyful Polish and Hungarian. I was looking for accommodation only and only Pinkefeld offered me just that.

I warn you that there was no air conditioning, which, combined with Spartan conditions, means that at least I can not imagine a longer stay there. Nevertheless, I recommend it with a clear conscience. Of course, I am speaking from the perspective of the person traveling with central Poland to Italy (central and northern) is broken down into two stages. I do not know about the others, but for me 1000 kilometers is already the limit of endurance (I could ride more but consciously? I doubt very much). That’s why I’m looking for such places more or less in the middle. Unfortunately, southern Czech Republic means that the section to southern Tuscany is long. That is why this Austria is so well suited to a stopover. However, the prices are at least medium-high. Many cheaper motels are often booked months in advance. But Pinkefeld seems quite roomy – enough to almost always find something there. And the location is bearable (in relation to the route). Therefore, once again – I recommend.

Cheap accommodation in Austria

Pinkefeld – a ghost town

Of course, everyone who visits Germany and Austria knows that it is painfully quiet in small towns in the evening. Everyone turns off the light as if the mysterious batteries were about to run out. You will not treat people, but rather Polish and Hungarian voices scattered in the few venues on the main street. On the other hand, Italy is silence on Sunday and during the siesta. Well. What country is custom.

Cheap accommodation in Austria – map

Cheap accommodation in Austria in Pinkefeld – summary

Well. The city did not impress me. The locals run to bed quickly. The accommodation itself is a reminder of academic times with a nice „neat” overlay. Well, this price in Austria compensates for everything. Would i come back If I had to spend the night in Austria again, why not. because I do not want to go to the town itself,

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