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Elite Dangerous Sagittarius A or the middle of the milky way. A black hole that will tear you apart. This is one of the two main points to see in Elite Dangerous. The second is Beagle Point, which is the farthest point from human settlements.

IN Elite Dangerous there are many places called you must be and see. It’s a bit like climbing mountain peaks. Such eight-thousanders. Such a crown of the Himalayas.

Nevertheless, these two points are the most important. Middle and farthest. I will leave these for an indefinite period of time. I have reached the measure recently. In theory, if you had gone to Sagittarius A and came back, you would have achieved the rank of Elite on the same journey. exploration. In theory. Everything depends on the number of jumps, the accuracy of the scans, and the most important thing is whether you are walking the already discovered road or you are laying your own path.

I got 87 million for a one-way trip and a few hundred stars I discovered first (A guide to exploration in Elite Dangerous). I did not scan everything in depth (therefore the financial result is the same) but it must also be admitted that it is a boring journey. What would not be – if I came back with a similar result, I would not get Elite rank. It is assumed that the value of scans must now be 250 million. Fortunately, I didn’t care, and secondly, I already had it.

Achieving in Elite Dangerous Sagittarius A is a challenge. I have already flown several thousand light years in Elite Dangerous but let me tell you that it was a tiring journey. I will tell you what you need to do to persevere:

Elite Dangerous Sagittarius A – preparations

Ship. Or, in fact, the closure of matters in human space. Do not forget to complete the upgrades of modules or missions because you will leave the cradle of humanity for a long time.

I prepared ASP Explorer for this long journey. A stroke of about 62 light years. FSD Guardian module unlocked. An engineer got FSD up.

Many people present diagrams of loaded ships with all possible equipment. Defense, laser, rovers, 2 repair modules and many other anchors make the ship fly like a transport train and have a pathetic jump, i.e. 30 light years.

This means that instead of 1000 jumps you have 2000. This means that the goal seems almost mythical to you in achieving it. There is no point in making it difficult for yourself. The ship is supposed to be agile. The ship is also supposed to bring you home quickly (which no one mentions). Here’s a full build of my ASP Explorer with an overview of why this is the way it is.

What else do you need to remember? Currently, in Elite Dangerous at Sagittarius A (within a few light years) you have 2 stations (Explorer’s Anchorage and Grim Pioneer). Unfortunately, they do not have a shipyard (so you will not change the ship or bring your other purchased ones for cash to them) and the option to buy modules is limited. If you plan to make these places your base for longer (and these are the farthest human facilities where you can sell your exploratory discoveries), I recommend that you fully purchase various modules that you will not get there. And then bring them back if you need them.

Elite Dangerous Sagittarius A – creating a route

This is a popular excursion destination. For 2,000 or even 4,000 light years, you can keep flying into systems that have already been discovered. As usual, I made up the road a bit (a bit to the side, a bit vertically). Why is it worth getting tired (i.e. flying longer)? I’ve already explained it before, but it’s always worth highlighting the important things. It’s good to be a first-time explorer, and that’s why it’s nice to be paid more. And if the payoff is higher, if someone ranks elite in exploration, it will be easier to achieve it.

You pass a few nebulas on the way. I was and I will say right away that it’s hard to stick a pin. And the discovery of the undiscovered entire star system within the nebula is very difficult. It is easier to simply put your nickname on an undiscovered planet or by making a full scan of the planet (almost no one at such a distance from the human core does this).

In a few months in nebulae on the way to Sagittarius And there will be nothing else to get except „nice photos”.

After reaching Sagittarius A, I recommend that you switch to solo mode and sell exploration data on the two mentioned databases.

Elite Dangerous Sagittarius A – travel photos

The Sagittarius A system itself is not beautiful and interesting. Oh, a dangerous black hole that refracts light. On the way, I had the opportunity to see more interesting places.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to have completed this entire stage. Time for new challenges.


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