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Elite Dangerous ship insurance. This is something you just must have. It is basically the buyout of a ship (when it breaks down) for a fraction of its value. Fortunately, the game has a great idea, i.e. the cost of insuring a ship is a fixed percentage of the ship’s value with modules. What’s better, the whole process is automated. Insurance is collected at the time of a disaster. Only then does the system check whether you have the money needed to cover the insurance or not. If you have the right amount of cash, the system allows you to buy your destroyed ship for a fraction of the price. If not, you have the last option, i.e. a system loan. The game offers you a loan to buy out the ship. The size of the loan depends on the highest rank in any field (fight, trade, exploration). With the rank of Elite, you are offered to borrow 10 million credits. It’s a lot. It will be enough for Anaconda in the exploratory version. Here you have it link to the table which nicely shows how many credits for which rank you will get under this „loan”.

If you think about it, this is not a ship insurance, but rather an additional option to buy (ransom?) Your ship. Regardless of whether you have this option or not, the system implemented in the game adds two more options. If you have purchased another ship somewhere in a system, you start with it. If your destroyed ship was the only one you have, the system gives you the opportunity to start the game on the cheapest ship. And it’s in the system you started the game on a long time ago.

And to dispel some doubts. If you buy your destroyed ship, you start in the station where you were last (I checked it). I assume the system should allow you to start on a recovered ship at the nearest station, but honestly I checked it in a way that did not allow me to give a definite answer. Of course, I will check it, but for now I’m flying in deep space, so you know … Well, I have to check whether by crashing into a star and choosing another ship bought in a different system and kept only for the marker, you can respawn there. If it were, it would be a nice way to teleport: D.

Elite Dangerous ship insurance

As for Elite Dangerous ship insurance. I mentioned that the system checks if we have the right amount of cash. Where to find this information? In the photo below, below the total amount of the possessions is the redemption amount Rebuy Cost).

In my case it is 874.857 CR. As a consolation, I will say that this is the maximum amount required to purchase a ship with all modules. After destroying the ship, a selection window appears where you can select or deselect the modules you want to buy.

Remember that you start at a station and you can buy basic things. Sometimes it is worth sacrificing a fuel scoop worth millions (and worth tens of thousands upon redemption) to buy a ship’s shell (of course, after checking whether this „loan” is sufficient or not).

When is a ship buyout useful? Of course, we can say that it is always needed, but it is especially needed in 3 cases:

  • how you fight. Whether against the player or npc. You just have to have it – always.
  • very early stages of the game. You have little credits. It is not enough for anything. But you definitely don’t want to start out in the initial shell.
  • trade. Even in solo mode, redemption comes in handy. You fly in heavy shells. There is a chance that npc will get you. Moreover – these shells are not so cheap at all. Same as the maximum transport modules. The buyout is something you must have. Additionally (although I will write more in a separate article on trading), you must have money reserved for a possible re-filling of the holds (the buyout does not apply to the lost transported cargo!).

ps: for the sake of this article, I wrecked my exploration ship. I never had a need in the process exploration to redeem your ship.


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