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Free Frostpunk game. There is no need to wonder. And it’s not that there’s a free game up for grabs. There’s a great game up for grabs. I had the pleasure to play Frostpunk. A Polish game, extensive, interesting, demanding.

Free game Frostpunk – how to get

I recommend that you register with Epic Games because every now and then you can get top-shelf games for free (such as Elite Dangerous). If you are looking for other opportunities, I invite you to various websites with information about free games. For example on

About the free Frostpunk game

Frostpunk – a computer game link with real-time virtualization elements, in a city settlement and survival, in an embedded world in a steampunk world, about the fight with technology or survival in a winter climate, produced by 11 bit studios.

Free Frostpunk Game – Story

In an alternate version of the base of 1886, eruptions of Krakatau and Tambora volcanoes, solar blackout and other unknown solutions in an alternative location, in a different location – a global volcano discussion and the death of people. At this expense of the British Empire You decide to build on the Response, generators that have mountains, generators that take place at events that are to be consolidations, to be centers, to be of benefit to be. Centers to be dispensed with regulation. they have heat

The plot of the game consists of five scenarios.

Free Frostpunk Game – Gameplay

The goal of the gameplay is in the first tool to provide the community of surviving materials in a raw, first, first climate. To do this, start managing the data of wood, steel, coal and building materials, coal managers, sawmills, steel mills and building materials. Conditions of influence and dissatisfaction have an impact on their work. The player also has the opportunity to conduct research that allows you to create new buildings and devices

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