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How do I get the Guardian Module in Elite Dangerous? The time came that I had to ask this question myself. I found the answer and it is a bit different in practice than in any described guides (I have found).

What is Guardian Modules?

These are the elements of the ship’s equipment (modules, vessel and weapons) left by the lost civilization (Guardian). These elements must first be discovered on distant worlds by completing quite difficult missions, returning with technology and fragments of technology from an ancient civilization, and then unlocking all of it at Tech Broker. Once you do that, you can buy these equipment just like any other (human-made) items of equipment. It can be said that this is a one-time effort. These equipment is better than the basic one, but worse than the human equipment after the upgrade by the engineers. It looks like this (naked comparison, without modifying the module with full modification compared to Guardian hardware):

  • class 0-2 human (where 0 is basic and level 2 is upgraded by engineers)
  • class 3-4 Guardian
  • class 4-5 human (5 is the maximum upgrade level for engineers)

The undeniable difference between Guardian gear and modded human gear is that you have to unlock Guardian gear once. Unfortunately, human equipment has to be modified each time (which is very time consuming). Something for something. More quality means more effort which means time spent on achieving goals.

In this article only and exclusively refer to ship’s equipment modules (excluding vessels, i.e. fighters taken on board).

Is it worth having Guardian Module in Elite Dangerous?

In fact, it’s a few modules, but each of them needs Guardian Module Blueprint to unlock (i.e. the diagram, but more on that in a moment). Here I will present a short description and my opinion on this topic:

  • Guardian FSD Booster is a gem that is the only reason I took the time and distracted myself from exploring Elite Dangerous. In the maximum version (5) you get an extra 10 light years of jump (this works in almost every ship with every possible configuration. I wrote in almost every ship), it is expensive (several million) and we have to assemble the ship in such a way that it has the basic elements and has energy for flight). But this module is worth the effort it takes to obtain it, unlock it, and what it takes to configure your ship wisely.
  • Guardian Hull Reinforcement
  • Guardian Hybrid Power Distributor
  • Guardian Module Reinforcement
  • Guardian Power Plant
  • Guardian Shield Reinforcement

I will collectively describe the other Guardian Modules. In my opinion, it makes no sense to have them. In general, they are only suitable for ships made for combat. In commercial or exploration ships, their importance is minimal. If we take this assumption, then using them is pointless. You want to have the best combat ship because there a difference of a few% can be significant. In this case, only human modules that are modified to the maximum level remain.

What I wrote is important because you only get 1 Guardian Module blueprint from one complete mission to unlock the Guardian technology. So you have to complete the same mission again 6 times to have the 6 blueprints needed to unlock each module.

And it’s not the most difficult thing yet (after the second mission, you remember the map layout and make it faster and faster). To unlock these modules (except FSD) you need PATTERN (alpha, beta, gamma, delta or epsilon) OBELISK DATA. They are much harder to get (tiresome grind).

To unlock the Guardian FSD Booster itself, you need to complete the mission 1 time (you may have to relegate to start mission 2 to get the missing side materials – you don’t have to complete the mission to the end).

In my opinion, if you don’t want to have everything unlocked for your own satisfaction, I’d recommend getting this Guardian FSD Booster and ditching the rest of the Guardian modules. It’s a waste of time (20 minutes will turn into 1-3 days of boring grind).

One final note before I start describing how to get the Guardian Module in Elite Dangerous. An additional bonus of completing the mission to get Guardian FSD Booster is increasing the rank in Combat.

How do I get the Guardian Module in Elite Dangerous?

I will write based on my experience (April 2019). I didn’t need many things (either it’s already out of date or I discovered the back door).

Obtaining Guardian Modules technology – stage 1


  • Ship that will fly to Synuefe NL-N C23-4 planet B3
  • minimum 4 SRV (planet surface exploration vehicles)
  • A cargo module installed on the ship is necessary (minimum capacity 8, preferably 16)
  • It is necessary (at least at the top of the ship) to install automatic defense against missiles (Point Defense)
  • Fuel Scoop – you will be refueling on the stars (long journey)
  • Module for scanning the surface of planets (to discover the landing site)
  • Useful: fuel tank, i.e. additional fuel tanks. On the unpacked SRV ship I had to refuel every now and then. I got incredibly tired. It turned out that my (I think 16) SRV was far too much.

My opinion: ASP Explorer is a ship just right for this trip (you can fit everything and the flight will be short). Smaller ships risk returning to this place (it’s a waste of time for a full repeat).

Obtaining Guardian Modules technology – stage 2

You fly. You scan the planet. 4 Guardian Sites are showing up. One of them is Guardian Structure. You land there. Notes: It shows unstable terrain all around. You’ll have to land close. However, I recommend looking for the farthest area (this will still be the distance counted in seconds for the SRV rover). Why: the rover’s combat module (and there will be combat) starts only at a certain distance from the ship.

With automatic defense installed, you can relog (and even leave the game for a long time). It will show you the option to wait 15 seconds (as in exiting combat) but don’t worry – your ship will be waiting for you on the surface.

Obtaining Guardian Modules technology – stage 3

Contrary to appearances, you are not in danger. You just have to keep one thing in mind. The amount of ammunition in the rover. I was driving with the maximum boost of my weapons (quick restoration of shots) and the minimum boost of the system and engine (you drive fast anyway, my shield fell off several times, but not a single rover was damaged).

In their guides, they advise you to have sulfuri phosphorus (and other resources) that are needed to replenish your SRV ammunition and shell. You don’t need to have these resources. It is enough to have more rovers. When you run out of ammunition in rover no. 1, you go to the ship and change it to rover no. 2. And so on. How to recognize a „used” rover when switching? The new one has 100% fuel. The old one is 80%, for example.

With the mother ship packed with anti-aircraft defense, the Guardian drones attacking you do so at half power (the ship will shoot down every rocket). They are left with the standard attack but are sluggish. There will be a total of 12 fights with drones (sometimes two are next to each other – then drive to the side of one and fight one by one – do not let two of them shoot at you at once).

The only difficulty for me was that EVERY element actively shelled (a bit like digging minerals) disappears from the surface of the planet after several dozen seconds in the wild. So the fight with Guardian drones must be slow (after smashing them, fragments are dropped that you have to collect). While riding the Guardian set, you will encounter various such covers, stashes that, when destroyed, give birth to fragments of technology that you need to collect. The only thing that remains are the heavy relics. Unfortunately, your rover has a capacity of 2 and you will carry it back and forth to the ship.

I wrote this so that you would have a view as such now in order to better understand my detailed guide:

  • there are 6 pylons scattered on the map that you need to charge (you will see a streak of light directed into space). After charging 1, a counter will appear. Do not worry about him. If it drops to 0 before activating each of the 6 pylons, nothing will happen (it’s a mini time management game – see if you can do it), nothing will explode. If you manage to charge each one during the timer – it will disappear. I activated them in different orders – it always worked.
  • there are several towers on top of which there are Guardian relics (smash the covers, fall to the ground, collect. Takes capacity 1, need 2, your rover can carry two at a time)
  • at the top of the complex is a glowing x spot. Stand on it. Fire 2 Relics from the Rover. Ancient Orb will start. After scanning you will receive 1 Guardian Module Blueprint
  • in the meantime, you have a fight with 12 Guardian drones (the last one after activating Ancinet Orb). Remember to collect scrap metal
  • In the meantime – when you come across pieces to be split – you can destroy them and collect the released scrap.
  • After completing Ancient Orb, stay on the surface for a while. Collect large, non-disappearing relics (urns, plates, etc.). You need 2 of them each to be able to fully read the Guardian Obelisk Data. You will get OBELISK DATA from the PATTERN scan (alpha, beta, gamma, delta or epsilon). You can skip this point if you wanted Guardian FSD Booster. If you want all the modules, you have to relog and repeat the mission several times (at least 6 times). Probably due to the large number of pattern obelisk data needed to unlock individual modules, you can relegate 50 times.

Obtaining Guardian Modules technology – stage 4

You also need special materials to unlock modules (you can buy them – you have to look for them in Inara). With all this belongings, you reach the station with a tech broker. You unlock modules with him (carefully click what you want to unlock – unlocking techs takes a lot of hard-obtained resources). After unlocking the ship outfit, you can buy the module.

Summary: unlocking the Guardian FSD Booster in my case is a torment only because of flying Anaconda, heavy as a train, I had to refuel every now and then. The mission itself in the ancient Guardian complex was quite easy (the only difficulty here is that I play on the keyboard and not on the console pad). Was it worth it? My ASP Explorer does 62 light years (with equipment I found worth taking). I’m happy. With this module, I am currently flying to a certain region (yes, with 15,000 one way) without jumping from neutron stars.


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