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Is SWTOR worth playing in 2021? I came back to SWTOR after many years. And I am carefully delighted. It seems impossible such a statement, but it reflects my mood well.

Is SWTOR worth playing in 2021? Better than WOWs

I recently played WOWs and you can find many posts about this game on my website. I left ships for many reasons, but one of them (and a very important one) was the lack of interesting content. WOWs is a sad, boring, grind blush. I needed to play a told story. I thought about SWTOR. After a few hours, I knew I would stay.

Is SWTOR worth playing in 2021? Why did I quit once?

It was a time when SWTOR’s free2play game mode update was released (it used to be played either for free or with a subscription). They also introduced cartel coins. In general, I was offended because they castrated the free2play mode so much that it was simply impossible to play with it.

Is SWTOR worth playing in 2021? What did I find in 2020?

I’ve been playing for two months. It is good and even very much. I have the opportunity (like me) to play with the subscription, preferred and free2play account. Because I pummeled a lot and managed to see and learn quite a lot, I decided to post my impressions on my website.

  • free2play account – you can easily see the game content in solo mode (class stories – RPG). You can participate in many things, but this should be treated as a test account. There are numerous limitations, but one thing that is felt the fastest: you cannot trade directly with another player and you cannot send items via e-mail. Later, we will feel another limitation, i.e. the limit of cash (credits) earned in the game. It turns out that you can earn a lot of money really fast these days. The f2p account has a very small cash limit. Everything that we get beyond this limit goes to the „virtual account”. We will recover this money either by purchasing a subscription or by purchasing a limit unlock (it is only an increase in the limit) or by becoming a preferred player (i.e. one who spent PLN either on cartel coins or on a subscription). But the latter method is also only increasing the limit (except that this status preferred is permanently, therefore the limit is also permanently increased). And then numerous other restrictions. However, for free, we can easily complete the entire RPG class history of each of the possible classes and subclasses. And these are 8 great stories and each of them can be made with 2 subclasses (slight differences). Add to that different races and playing good or bad and we have tons of hours of fun mmo games for free.
  • preferred account – can be traded directly with another preferred player or the player who subscribes. There are limits, but on a different level than the free2play player. This is just an account where you can play fairly freely. To make it funny I will say that the cost of obtaining such status is $ 3 (minimum purchase of cartel coins).
  • In these two cases, there are limitations that we will download by purchasing unlocking items in the cartel market. But this is stupid. Because we will not download everything and the cost of what we will download is many months of subscription. Fact – after stopping paying the subscription fee, we will be relegated to preferred and we will not have the purchased unlockers, but honestly, as I analyzed it, it turned out that the only sensible move from the economic point of view is: only free2play or only preferred for $ 3 or full subscription. You can buy various things in the cartel market (weapons, clothes, mounts / vehicles or other crap). Nevertheless, it is not profitable to buy these various unlockers in the cartel market. Well, unless it’s for trade. The game offers you the opportunity to learn so much content without cash or for that stupid $ 3 that you will know if you are screwed or not. And is it worth buying a subscription or not.
  • subscription – the monthly cost is ridiculously small for this type of production. On forums, they recommend to play free2play and at a late stage to buy a subscription at least for a while to have access to content (let’s say rpg) available only as part of a subscription, but I would personally recommend anyone decisive to buy it right away. Because the number of unlocked small items is large and the monthly costs are small.

Is SWTOR worth playing in 2021? Yes definitely!

In my next posts, I will try to describe some interesting things to find in the game. Such mini guides. I doubt that I would turn this blog into a monothematic information harvester, constantly updated about SWTOR, but I will try to update it on a regular basis.


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