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Netflix Movie Xtreme. Another Netflix production. I approached with fear because Netflix and with hope because it is a Spanish movie. So far, I have had the opportunity to see some movies from the Iberian Peninsula and is very impressed. What did i get?

Netflix Film Xtreme – refreshed Karate Kid

While watching this movie, I had the feeling that I was looking at a patchwork of several movies. Famous movies. Widely known movies. I will not mention what I discovered because I leave this game to you. I will only reveal my dominant importantly, that is, as in the subtitle: refreshed karate Kid. Unfortunately for the movie, they didn’t go completely in that direction. On the other hand, they tried to keep a balance between these known threads and somehow „drag” each of them a little further. It turns out that not a single motive has been brought to a satisfactory end. At least in my opinion.

Netflix Film Xtreme – inconsistent because ..

Bottom line: Threads dragged on but not finished. We have the effect of a large inconsistency, as if total desynchronization. I couldn’t focus on the movie. This inconsistency gave me the impression that I was watching a movie again with a lot of nonsense. But these stupid things could have been defended if one main road had been chosen. Then they would be understandable, acceptable. Because there would be time for that.

Netflix Film Xtreme – acting game

Here I will not stick to the acting game itself, but .. due to the above-mentioned incoherence, we have such effects: a well-played video, for example, about how a banana on the beach in Kołobrzeg tasted great, right in front of it a great mass murder (with a small / large „but” – I will refer to it at the end) followed by a short fragment of psychological dilemmas in the dark vapors.

There was once such a toy. A kaleidoscope or something. The tube you looked at. It was shaking and you had a completely different picture. A gentle hand movement was enough to make the picture, the mosaic, look different. This is also what this movie is like. A cluster of beautiful slides from which someone has stuck together stained glass incomprehensible to the public.

Netflix Film Xtreme – special effects, picture, music

Very decent items

Netflix Film Xtreme – want to watch again in 2 years

No. The only element in this film that could attract me again would be a murder, but slamming a wrench in the head of another opponent so that he would fill the screen again in a moment I do not really like. I don’t like artificial crowds.

Netflix Film Xtreme – final evaluation

This is an average movie.

reTraceX evaluates: You can see

Explanation of ratings:

At the outset, I warn you that not every movie will have all the available ratings. There are simply fundamental assessments (the one that will always be), e.g. an assessment for a category. There are also ratings such as „willingness to watch the next episode”, which applies to series, so it is difficult to demand that it has its raison d’être with the rated full-length film.

  • Category: rating the movie in its main category
  • Main plot: assessment of the main story told / Side plots: e.g. flashbacks, side stories of characters
  • Acting
  • Image, Music and Special Effects: These can be historical costumes or life on another planet
  • Wanting to watch an episode: immediately after the previous one
  • Willingness to come back in 2 years: would I like to see again someday / was it a pleasure to watch again
  • Overall Impression: Without going into detail the overall reception.


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