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Pamukkale limestone terraces or Cleopatra’s pool. I wrote perversely because it is not the same at all. Limestone terraces are in Pamukkale Cleopatra’s pool is in Hierapolis. Whoever was there will understand why there is such a mistake. These two places are so close to each other, they interpenetrate that basically you use these two formations interchangeably (you can’t be in Pammukala without being in Hierapolis and vice versa).

Pamukkale is famous for its limestone deposits formed on the slope of Mount Cökelez. Water flowing from hot springs, rich in calcium compounds and carbon dioxide, cools on the surface, precipitating calcium carbonate, the sediments of which are arranged into drips and stalactites. On the slope of the mountain, taking advantage of the unevenness of the ground, thresholds, semicircular and elliptical pools of thermal water, shaped in the form of terraces, are created, separated from each other by round dams on which water flows. This process has been going on continuously for about 14,000 years. In Roman times, these creatures were called travertines.wikipedia)

The Pamukkale limestone terraces are simply beautiful. They are beautiful up close, the view from the top is beautiful, from the terraces to the horizon. The view from below is beautiful (especially from the lake level). It is indescribable. A wonderful place where you can sit with your feet in the water and just watch. We were lucky to see them in March (as part of an organized trip; you can read about its pros and cons here: Turkey in spring without fear) because there were simply no crowds and the weather was good (it was really warm, maybe I wouldn’t spend hours in boxer shorts only).

Instead of writing, I will show (I have a few photos):

(like I said, you can sit and think and ponder and sit and keep on like that)

(and that’s from the bottom, it’s cute, but less sitting and thinking for me ..)

The limestone terraces of Pamukkale are a must-see on the tour of Turkey and I am glad that my tour supplier did not castrate her of this gem (if he castrated it would probably only stay with the flight and hotel ..). It was beautiful. My wife decided to stay and think about it (I understand – the pace of visiting the unwanted attractions was fast. There was no time for the wanted ones). I, on the other hand, decided to run to see the monuments of Hierapolis (The ancient city of Hierapolis isn’t just about Cleopatra’s Basin!). And as it turned out later, I actually ran, ran and ran, but more on that later.

Pamukkale limestone terraces – map

Pamukkale limestone terraces – summary

Despite the unwanted attractions, I still have fond memories of this trip to Turkey. Tasty and cheap. I managed to see a few things and despite the difficulties, effort and nerves as it happens in life – only good things are remembered.

Thoughts on the Windmill – Explanation

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