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Polish faction in Elite Dangerous. After long flights to make discoveries in the center of the galaxy, it’s time for a moment to rest. The closest stations that I found are several thousand light-years distant stations in the area of ​​the colony. All in all, I was planning to explore this area a bit, so why not. An additional advantage is that I could finally see the Copernicus system in which Kolonia Sobieski is located! The dominant fraction is The Winged Hussars. Polish Fraction in Elite Dangerous.

Space stations in the colony area

There are a lot of them, they are founded by players’ factions. Looking at the political systems and the offered ships or modules, it can be safely stated that it corresponds to what it should look like in reality, that is: beginnings, poor supply, poor development, mines on the planets are dominant. Few more expensive orbital stations. So homely poverty. I recently described my delight the sf series The Expanse and there, too, is a visible difference between the rich Earth, Mars, and the poor „pasiarzy” or people living further down the solar system. This is what it looks like.

Advantage of staying in a colony

Lots of nebulae, a nice starting point for further areas of this part of the Milky Way. But that’s only after arriving with a well-developed ship. This is not a place where you will expand. Anyway, getting directly from the initial systems to the colony systems is also a good trip. I recommend light abstinence.

Polish faction in Elite Dangerous

I fly as a freelance pilot. I don’t know if I’m planning to join a faction, but it’s nice to know that Elite Dangerous has a group of players promoting a Polish accent. The Husars themselves have theirs the web button along with the forum. I recommend taking a look there because you can learn a few things without the need to translate information obtained in English-speaking places.

The Copernicus system (how it warms my heart!) In which it is Sobieski station for me this is the „must be” point on a par with Sagittarius A.. Unfortunately, the Sobieski station is a planetary port. I do not like to use planetary ports (much longer process of approaching the station and escaping from the planet’s attraction, i.e. you have to wait longer for the possibility of making a jump).

The advantage is that there are a lot of geological sites and it’s close to the station where you can start digging very quickly. The mineral breakdown is nice. Nevertheless, I am still waiting for them to build an orbital station one day (I do not know much about the techniques of running and developing my own faction, but if others have succeeded, it means that there is such a possibility).

There is silence in the air. Maybe I hit a point where no one was around. Maybe it’s better, for now I’m flying tightly in a cocoon of loneliness.

To sum up: if you are looking for the Polish faction in Elite Dangerous, I invite you to visit the Copernicus system!


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