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Polish Football. Why can’t Poland be like Belgium? I’m watching a Belgium match right now – Denmark. It is 1: 1. And I ask myself this question …

Polish Football – problems

There is nothing to hide. We have a terrible team. And I mean harmony with each other, but also selfishness and age. We have suffered from the same for years. Nothing changes. It’s getting worse. We have older and older footballers who cover their handicaps with fouls (Krychowiak). We have selfish players who don’t know how to create a game for others (Linetti – the fact that he scored a goal doesn’t mean anything at all). We have players with a character disability (Zieliński) who will never play correctly in the national team (even though they can play fantastically in the league). At the end, we already have a completely mismatched team. And I don’t remember the times when, looking at the Polish national football team, I saw a team, not a conglomerate.

Polish Football – memories

I remember watching the last preparatory match for the Euro starting here at the Legia stadium. Poland – Andorra. The silence surprised me. Our players did not interact with each other. Everyone is running for themselves. I thought then that it will be very bad for these Euro. And it was terrible.

At the same time, I also had the opportunity to watch the game of the 4th League on the pitch in Skaryszewski Park in Warsaw. I can tell you that I had a lot more fun in this match. You felt passion and commitment. It felt like there were two teams playing. The players had too much expression and were constantly looking for contact with players on their own team. How good was that …

Polish Football – lost to Slovakia

A match so weak on so many levels that it’s a shame to write about it. I only know one thing. It won’t be better. Because you can’t see changes, just like you can’t see changes in our country. I have the impression that once, someone made a lame system and instead of developing this system, the successors only cut off the coupons until the system crashes. Nothing happens, there are no changes …

Polish Football. Why can’t Poland be like Belgium?

I keep looking at this great game in between Denmark and Belgium and I keep asking myself this question. I just saw a 2: 1 goal for Belgium. How beautiful it was !!!


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