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Speed ​​cameras at the Poniatowski Bridge in Warsaw. I laughed to tears. I have to thank someone for coming up with this cute speed camera idea. Perhaps unfortunate cyclists, who eagerly use the narrow pavement by the road, reminded about it. It is a pity that they did not ask for a truly safe possibility of crossing from one bank of the Vistula to the other.

Maybe I am wrong, but running over a person’s head at a speed of 50 km / h has the same symptoms for a man who has been driven, as running his head at a speed of 80 or even 100 km / h.

Speed ​​cameras on the Poniatowski Bridge – Polish technical thought

Ok. Cyclists is not the subject of this post and it is definitely not my „enemy” on the road. I enjoy riding abroad surrounded by cyclists, scooters and pedestrians, but everything is properly regulated there. The slower speed is just a component. Well, and we in Poland have our own technical thought. Sometimes (or even often) I have the impression that the PRL in Poland is still strong.

We do not have roads without holes, the scraps of asphalt we have are divided into smaller components to give them to individual road users. It reminds me of the old days when the farmer had a hectare, eight children, shared the role. The next generation did the same until each had their own square meter and the noble title of smallholder farmer. Now we should be called, for example, low-asphalt drivers. Yes, in old Polish.

Our only national (oh .. sorry that I took the current, graciously ruling party, this buzzing nickname) panacea for these road ills is the speed camera. The best quantity.

Speed ​​cameras on the Poniatowski Bridge – Warsaw and its version

It would seem that on a fairly short distance it would be possible to choose one, the best and most sensible place to plant the speed camera. Well no. The capital of our country, rich in money and human resources, could not decide. Perhaps a wave of various regrets pointing to various dangerous places on the bridge and in front of and behind led the Warsaw officials to imposibilism (again, I apologize to the ruling party, and in particular the WODZA). As a result, in recent days I have noticed TWO speed cameras on the Poniatowski Bridge, bravely supported by the police crew.

I was a bit surprised but I blessed my caution that I was driving according to the rules, because there are often the Police standing there and somehow I didn’t see the need for speed cameras. And this is where my surprise stemmed from, because logic says that it was enough to simply put a speed camera (one) where the police stood. But who knows. Maybe two were actually needed. I came home, I shook myself off thoughts and I put the matter back in the “no need to worry about it” box.

Speed ​​cameras on the Poniatowski Bridge – Warsaw road maneuvers

Today I was on my way home from work. I pass de Gaulle roundabout. I am entering a long raid (also Aleje Jerozolimskie) leading to the bridge. Already from the roundabout I saw the familiar blue lights filling me with blissful peace and a sense of security, so my speed was such that the driving instructor would cry with emotion. As I reached the roundabout in the left lane, I left the roundabout on the left. It was quite difficult for me to go to the right because I was riding quite parallel to the bus. Parallel enough that the bus bravely protected me from these deadly brain-heating waves. I thought so.

Back to the topic. I’m going on the left, parallel to the bus, but the bus overtakes me a bit. So we pass the police. I’m looking. Speed ​​Camera! But wait. Those two moments ago, actually just passed, were a little further. They moved? Just in case, I still try to maintain the speed as if I had the cruise control set. I pass the bus (the driver seems to panic). In my mirror I see two cars looming behind the bumper. Well, um … I will not eat because: the legal maximum speed and from the right there will be a descent to Wisłostrada in just a moment. Why should I risk that someone will cut my way from Wisłostrada to the bridge? Yes, I know, at this speed I would survive, but I would have a psychological trauma for the rest of my life.

So I go bravely on. I have the impression that we passed only 50 meters when one of the two bumpers made a sharp overtaking maneuver. Left, right and it’s already in front of me. Great technique. I have to honor him. Unfortunately, I could lean over this technique, admire and admire and think for a second because this rally driver started to make a sudden braking maneuver. Poor guy focused so much on my bumper that he didn’t notice the 2nd speed camera at this exit. So unfortunately the speed camera took him as he had his ankle-length pants down.

I pass the exit and there is a turn and the bridge begins. For the uninitiated, a section of 50 meters, let’s say.

The third vehicle is pissed off with both of us, seeing that it has an opportunity because the whole right free lane overtook us so much that ho ho. One would like to say „yes, it would take a long time to tell,” but no. Because then we saw the THIRD speed camera from behind the tower of the bridge. Probably despair for the thought of child labor in China reigned in the mind of this third driver.

For me, however …

Speed ​​cameras at the Poniatowski Bridge – I almost choked on laughing

There was laughter. But Paaaanieeee. What a laugh it was. Hysterical is an understatement. Stupid is an understatement. For a moment I had the terrible thought that I would die laughing.

And none of these speed cameras took a picture of me at such a wonderful moment What a waste …


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