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Movie Suicide Squad. The movie that I will be now reviewed is from 2016. This is important information because this year we have another installment under the same title.

Suicide Squad Movie – A Big Promise

Superhero movies are not my favorite area of ​​cinema, but I do not refuse this meal. There are even dishes that I really like. Is the movie Suicide Squad such a dish? You don’t need to read the entire post to the end to find the answer to this question. In my opinion, it is not. Why? And at this point, if you want to find out why, in my opinion, this is a poor dish, I invite you to read the rest of the post.

Movie Suicide Squad like a beautiful empty shell

This movie has great marketing. Super scenes drawn to the so-called „Teasers” and the freeze-frames of some heroes even scream „things will happen!” you have to watch this movie! ”.

Unfortunately, after watching the entire movie, I came to the conclusion that the best was pulled out and made (using the terminology of the games) a perfect demo. In other words – we have a perfect shell. Beautiful on the outside and bland on the inside.

The film Suicide Squad – The Foundation of Stupidity

The plot in this movie is simply illogical. And, ignoring the main plot for a moment, the plot is pressed into the viewer without justifying why something is happening on the screen. Why the decisions are the way they are. In my opinion, I know the answer and I will share it right away (but beware – I have to spoil it here, otherwise it cannot be described). Just to add that the main plot itself is much, much worse than in the film that I rated critically Army of the Dead.

A recipe for success and how to fail to use

Movie about super heroes must have some elements. And if so, if you want to make a movie about super heroes and name it „Suicide Squad”, you need to implement these elements. So it happened. But inept (this is a very big understatement). Following this path further:

We must have a group fighting against evil. Ok. We got a group. Except that this group consists of unnecessary units. Or badly played units. Or individuals who have run out of time on the screen to get to know them and decide that in fact their sense of being has been preserved. I think it is a mixture of these elements and a few less important ones. We were given too large a group for the time devoted to them. But why? Because movies that are planned for a longer „deal” slowly, intentionally introduce new characters to finally create a group of them. Videos intended to be one shot shots focus either on a single super character or a small group size.

Theoretically, a group in the movie Suicide Squad it is divided into two parts. Core and sheath. The core survives, is small in number and better described. Further stories can be built on the basis of the core. The shell is cannon fodder; barely scratched and destined to be sacrificed. Sacrifice pointless because it gives you nothing. It does not (at least in me) feel any heroism, emotion, and regret over the victims of the fight between good and evil. No. It’s just done like this:

  • Movie: Hello. This is super hyper fantastict X.
  • X: Hi everyone
  • Movie: X is amazing at this and that.
  • 1 minute later
  • Movie: let’s kill X by pressing the self-destruct button

Of course, it’s not perfectly reproduced, because I don’t want to take away the joy of discovering the nonsense in this movie, but it shows quite well what is really going on there. What am I going to? Equally well, you can turn these „unnecessary” super heroes into a group of anonymous soldiers dressed in helmets and masks (as in mass production) and hack them by hundreds (which we also saw in this movie, so I do not understand WHY for God’s sake such a breakneck acrobatic figure was made) .

Summarizing this passage – we have too many characters thrown in without sense and given the hallmarks of „significant”. I know some people are thinking about the movie now Deadpool. But there it was made deliberately! This pastiche made sense and was needed. And most importantly – everyone who watched it felt that it was coherent and integrated. And that’s it. So that nothing grinds in your teeth.

The film Suicide Squad – a list of next nonsense

There are a few more heroes from the envelope where their dialogue lines and their skills are an insult to the viewer’s intelligence. No effort to make it look at least decent.

  • Jai Courtney’s role is terrible (Boomerang). I don’t even know how to describe it. Stupid dialogues. His on-screen feats are like a bent third wheel on a bicycle. It’s a pity because he’s an actor who can play a tough guy.
  • Jay Hernandez or Diablo. Mega powers, possibilities and a mega located role. Nothing convinced me. Or why it used to be great; stopped and started again. A written figure monstrously. She died just like she lived on the screen. Unconvincingly.
  • Adam Beach (Slipknot) – This is the featured 1 minute performance.
  • Joel Kinnaman (Flag) – soft tough guy. I think the role has surpassed this actor (and would probably have surpassed anyone else). In a few moments to be the toughest sergeant of the US army, drilling a subordinate unit in cold blood, and literally in a second to play the greatest role in the history of romantic cinema, i.e. a tender lover, a caring man shedding a tear over the fate of his chosen one with the delicacy of flapping butterfly wings. I didn’t buy it.
  • Karen Fukuhara or Katana. I think I already know why Asian actors are making a mess in Hollywood. After all, it insults the feelings of every viewer if you put an Asian, give him a sword, make him purr menacingly under his breath, a few sentences in, for example, Japanese and threatening faces (in this case covered with a stupid mask with the marking SO CLEAR, so that we would not be mistaken Japanese killer) and theatrical duels poses. And that’s the whole role. Maybe it will pass once. But making the tape is actually – discrimination. And as I have already said – I am not surprised. I understand. I SUPPORT !!!

I don’t want to bully on this anymore. Let me just add that there are many recognizable faces in this film. The quantity did not translate into quality.

Film Suicide Squad – antiheroes

We have a major evil driving force here, and this movie is about fighting it. There is also a part of the film’s variety, let’s call it a side evil. Let’s start with guest appearances by Jared Leto. He played the Joker. Actor appreciated. It has this intangible „evil” in it. Not that it is real, but it evokes feelings. Perfect for the roles of „bad” or all kinds of crazy visionaries; murderers etc. etc.

Why do we have the Joker in this movie? To lay the foundations and give credibility to one of the main characters. And that’s ok. I’m buying it. I agree with that. But unfortunately the filmmakers made a mistake of greed. They lost sight of the most important point, which is that the essence of this film is the title one Suicide Squad. Their time was taken. This stolen time went to the Joker. The errors I mentioned earlier are due to this. A movie about a group of daredevils turned into a movie about Joker. Not all but large areas of the film are devoted to him. Again, I have to say this: quantity is not quality.

The film Suicide Squad – The Original Sin

This is an important point because we come to the main driving force – the main evil. An ancient character with enormous powers, almost indestructible. Fine. I am buying it.

But what do we get? Just a few circus tricks and one super hippy mega fantastic some power used to destroy the world. So mysterious that it has not been explained how long this spell must last, why it takes so long, and what it will do. That’s magic.

Summarizing this main evil, I got a bitch. Talkative, puffed up and not focused on 1 activity. It is so pointless that words are missing. For example, a great close fight evil vs the rest would disarm the rest with a single gesture. What is this fight for? Nonsense chases nonsense.

To sum up – I did not feel the tension. I rather felt irritation. But enough! I come to the brighter points.

Suicide Squad Movie – Deadshot

An interesting character, developed with a well-sketched and consistently conducted psychological trait (or let’s call it a moral backbone). A good base for a solo role or something like Superman vs Batman. Will Smith played very well, but if I was picking on I would say that he just didn’t give his best. Maybe I’m wrong, but just looking at the surroundings, at the script, at the film being shot, he came to an obvious conclusion – I don’t have to. I do not approve. I understand.

Another thing is that we are probably reaching the limit of superheroes on the screen. It is quite difficult to create a truly unique superhero. And I don’t mean skills, these extraordinary powers. I mean character. Watching Will Smith, I had the feeling that he had played a changed role as Batman. Different costume, different skill, different biography, different face, but there, deep under that surface, I had Batman. A figure with a shadow, where fatigue was mixed with energy for this one, only, last action. Where, despite some doubts, he clearly beat, perceptible, perceptible by everyone the moral backbone.

I’m afraid we will pierce this glass ceiling. I am writing this review in 2021 for a 2016 movie so it could be soon. It’s a bit like the pictures of good superheroes (where the bad was a side character, the end goal). There is more and more fashion for bad main characters because we already have a bunch of good ones. And of course, the viewer’s capacity is large, but still limited. You can’t make a fortune over and over again squeezing the same meal served on a different set.

The film Suicide Squad – The Only Firecracker

Harley Quinn aka Margot Robbie. A great role. Expressive. Convincing. Strongly written. Played with panache. On strong tones and on weaker tones. And not weaker in the context of less played, but played great moments that require mute. Flashing emotions, madness. All in the fumes of such an alluring fire burning too closely flying moths.

Movie Suicide Squad

I would also like to refer to the actress herself, the appearance and make-up, but I came to the conclusion that instead of praising it even more, I would achieve the opposite effect, i.e. a fantastic female role I would cover with a man drooling at the sight of his bare leg. That’s why I let go.

I emphasize. Great female role. But really – just a great role. In the madness category, this role is one of the best I have seen.

Movie Suicide Squad – special effects, picture, music

Phew. There is of course mega super hyper American with a bang. I specifically wrote without commas to underline „on one exhale”. Nevertheless, the question „So what?”

The movie Suicide Squad – want to watch again in 2 years

A flat line like a dead man’s. One firecracker is not enough for me to get tired.

The film Suicide Squad – final evaluation

Well. This movie has some great features. But they were collected and trailers and posters were created. If you watched these marketing materials, you don’t have to film anymore.

reTraceX evaluates: Can be seen / not recommended

Explanation of ratings:

At the outset, I warn you that not every movie will have all the available ratings. There are simply fundamental assessments (the one that will always be), e.g. an assessment for a category. There are also ratings such as „willingness to watch the next episode”, which applies to series, so it is difficult to demand that it has its raison d’être with the rated full-length film.

  • Category: rating the movie in its main category
  • Main plot: assessment of the main story told / Side plots: e.g. flashbacks, side stories of characters
  • Acting
  • Image, Music and Special Effects: These can be historical costumes or life on another planet
  • Wanting to watch an episode: immediately after the previous one
  • Willingness to come back in 2 years: would I like to see again someday / was it a pleasure to watch again
  • Overall Impression: Without going into detail the overall reception.


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