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The ancient city of Hierapolis isn’t just about Cleopatra’s Basin! And apparently the travel agencies only promoted these unfortunate swimming pools. I was lucky to walk around this city a bit and I would say that I was impressed by the amount and state of preservation of architectural monuments.

The ancient city of Hierapolis It was most likely founded by the king of Pergamon Eumenes II at the beginning of the 2nd century BC. The name of the city is associated with the name of Hiera, the wife of Telephos, king of Mysia, who was worshiped in Pergamon as a hero and legendary founder. (wikipedia)

However, before I show some of the photos that I was able to take, I will refer to my trip organized as part of which I had the opportunity to see Hierapolis (Turkey in spring without fear. Cheap organized trip). We came in the afternoon (because we had to go through some unwanted attractions) so there was not much time. On Pamukkale (Pamukkale limestone terraces or Cleopatra’s pool) and Hierapolis we had just over 2 hours !!! I was stunned by the amount of sightseeing and so little time for it. My wife and I separated ourselves from the trip right away. The trip, taken by obliging Turks (driver, tour leader and „political observer”), was immediately taken to the only motel in Hierapolis (the rest was demolished as they turned into a cultural heritage area). As they said for a meal (well, we hadn’t eaten anything since the morning) so everyone, except us, got caught by it. We have already been taught that if we want to see anything, we have to do it ourselves, as I have already mentioned – we separated. I will say now that this decision was significant – we did not see these pools (they are at the motel). But my wife charged the spiritual battery in Pammukale and I flew like a goat from ruins to ruins. Where I haven’t been.

Ancient city of Hierapolis

Summarizing this, I am satisfied with the decision made to this day. I didn’t see these pools touted at every tourist office, but I did see the ancient city of Hierapolis and its perfectly preserved ruins of the ancient city. I could even imagine what it looked like in its splendor.

A wonderful experience.

It’s just a pity that my tour operator gave me seconds, not hours, to feel it.

I present only a few photos.

Fun fact: I looked at my site tour operator and I saw that after many years this offer is still there, but changed: they spent 2 days on Pamukkale and Hierapolis! Although I don’t trust this description – they probably found a way to fill these 2 days „Unwanted” attractions leaving minutes for those pearls.

Ancient city of Hierapolis – map

The Ancient City of Hierapolis – Summary

Despite the unwanted attractions, I still have fond memories of this trip to Turkey. Tasty and cheap. I managed to see a few things and despite the difficulties, effort and nerves as it happens in life – only good things are remembered.

Thoughts on the Windmill – Explanation

The blog has moved from another page (ThiDoIn). I do not have the strength or time to rummage in photos and set new ones without a watermark. Nevertheless, I would like to announce that both photos and videos, especially the written word, belong to me.


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