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The film Eyes Wide Shut. Controversial. Not obvious. Beautiful and too heavy. Multifaceted. Brilliant and overcomplicated.

Film Eyes Wide Shut – Colorful Thoughts

I came across in more than one place the analysis of this film in terms of colors. I must admit that the film is graphically beautiful. I watched this movie again with this tracing of colors. Maybe I’m weird, maybe I have a defect, but I didn’t need a color hint beforehand to see the moments of falsehood, mystery, fatigue, vigor, etc. later viewers made a thesis about colors). Whatever the case: the fact that this film evokes similar thoughts, finding the other bottom is very positive. This movie is not an ordinary action movie. It’s a movie about something to think about. And the more reasons the better.

Eyes Wide Shut – main plot and side issues

If we omit the analysis of people and relationships described above, the plot itself is a weak echo of films of the type Frantic whether The Ninth Gate. It simply serves to nestle the evolution of the heroes’ psyche. As for me, the first 30-40 minutes explain everything and illustrate everything. Everything else is an unnecessary path with the heroes to their „end”. Unnecessary because these introductory moments in the film will tell any thinking person the ending.

Ot. let’s play Kubric who directed this movie. We have Scenes of some people, relationships. A beautiful life laid out. The boredom of everyday life is shown. And let’s throw in the matches. The heroes set fire to them, they look at the fire. Long and passionate. They turn the matches in their hands. They provoke themselves and their partners, especially the viewers. From safe rooms, this game moves to more and more dangerous areas. There is tension? Is. But we know how it ends. Millions of beautiful scenes and sounds that bombard us later will not change one fact. We already know. Because too much, we were brought in too quickly. We were not „cornered.”

Of course, I wouldn’t call this film „predictable” because it is not „pushy”. But I wouldn’t call it „surprising” either.

When it comes to any message that the viewer could receive, „do not play with fire” and „are worth each other” and „bear the consequences of your own actions” are the first, but not the only thoughts that this film aroused in me. It is a pity that the usual care for yourself, your partner and the environment in every ordinary day was not increased to an appropriate size, which would be an alternative to survival on many levels.

Disintegration as it begins is hard to stop. The very fact that I have these types of thoughts prompts me to give up thinking about film Eyes wide closed as an erotic thriller. It is a deeply psychological and social film. The depth is hidden in well-disguised simplicity.

The film Eyes Wide Shut – acting

Excellent. There is nothing to write about here because I do not have a single complaint. I will add my subjective impression: I have already watched many films by Tom Cruise and you can feel this characteristic feature of the whole films in which he appears. Something like a characteristic fig of the given author of the books. Just feel Grisham.

The film Eyes Wide Shut – special effects, images, music

One of the most outstanding films, if I were to refer only to these elements. Beautiful shots, playing with colors, great music. I have the impression that this movie is a sequence of active freeze frames. It’s hard to express. I have such feelings that we are moving from numerous shots that are still but stretched. As if he fused together the beautiful gifs and each of them would be played in slow motion. Weird feeling. Difficult to describe.

The film Eyes Wide Shut – a desire to watch again in 2 years

I have absolutely no. The film is worth watching, if only because of its controversy when it comes out on the screens. Currently, compared to modern productions, when it comes to simple eroticism, it is childish. But when it comes to such sublime, ethereal eroticism, it is still a worthy role model.

Nor do I feel like seeing „rotting inside out” and people and relationships again. Overall, this movie offers me nothing to encourage me to watch it again. Well, probably to recall the scenes to write this review (I watch without enthusiasm but with appreciation coldly).

The film Eyes Wide Shut – final evaluation

If someone is looking for erotic movies – I recommend it because it is definitely an important item in this category. If someone is looking for thriller movies – you can see because it is not an ordinary thriller. As I mentioned, there is tension, but of a different kind (and I don’t mean erotic, at least for me). If someone is looking for simply beautiful movies – I recommend them. If someone is looking for a movie that will give him reason to think – I recommend it.

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