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The film In the war zone. Netflix has money, but so what? A good question in the context of the film that is now being assessed. I didn’t like him. It is a pity because a lot of money, a lot of action and even the foundations for sf with the message. And nothing came out. In addition to the money spent.

The film In a War Zone – quick introduction

A soldier who has the so-called nose (premonition) and is capable of unconventional movements sentenced to punishment for „unsuccessful action” (in the sense in the eyes of superiors) to the unit in which he is assigned to the next undisciplined. He becomes his subordinate and they immediately start their action. Before this happens, he will give us a sci-fi tail, giving us hope for good or duo in the rhythm of the next millennium. And .. this is the end of this good part of the movie.

The film In the war zone – let’s deal with sf

And basically sf elements. Before I start. I like movies where I don’t get everything on a tray. I probably took it from my childhood, where I did not have whole, huge, modern sets of toys and I had to add a lot of things to my imagination. This does not mean that I despise a dish composed of many delicacies, ready and beautifully dressed (like great sf series The Expanse) but I just have no problem with „missing” in the movie.

Coming back to the movie In the war zone. We have a kind of close future here, which is something that may happen literally in a moment. Autonomous robots in the roles of soldiers as well as weapon improvements and (and this is a bit ahead) fully formed cybernetic entities with the appearance of a human. Sorry for the spoiler, sometimes I have no idea how to show something without showing.

So the same fact, i.e. the existence of these elements in the film, is a good basis for consideration. Without even knowing about the weapon (we can even omit it) and knowing in what direction in this movie (mental shortcut: good or bad) it will go, we can spend long hours thinking about it. Robot soldiers and autonomous cybernetic consciousness about human appearance. Do more than just exist for these triggers?

In my opinion, no. However, in the opinion of the filmmakers, it turns out that it is. That you need to add additional catalysts. A little bit of that, a pinch of that, and here it’s already two heaped, and that’s to taste, and a sprinkle of it. There was a cacophony of a nondescript dish. So multi-flavored that it becomes tasteless. By the way, I love Italian cuisine (but the Italian one, not the Italian one from Poland). Few ingredients and each ingredient outstanding. At the mention of mine tourist travel to Italy waking up in me .. no matter. Back to the topic.

This is my judgment, but I believe this video has over-tightened it. My feelings strengthened the last minutes of the film where I had had enough, but luckily it turned out to be over.

The film In the war zone – action or on the other foot

A good action movie is a movie where from start to finish it was made to be just an action movie. Of course, this recipe does not always work and the monsters come out. But I do not see the fault in the recipe and in the execution. Sometimes something happens by the way. But generally. An action movie is simplicity and simplicity does not like complicated. Let’s take a movie like Terminator. Great action movie. It turned out that in addition to the great „akcyjniak” we also got the cult sf. Why? Because everything is simple.

Nobody was trying to come up with a super, hyper, fantastic explanation of reality fifteen times bent. No. We have a machine revolt and a ride. We have shifting back in time (without specifying how it was done) and driving. Nobody is rediscovering America. And yet this America has been rediscovered in its own way. Because the film was remembered and questions about our future, human species, in the context of computers, robots and wars appeared.

Unfortunately, those who did the movie In the war zone they didn’t watch carefully Terminator. Simplicity is mixed with not so much complexity and mental shortcuts. They result from the lack of the ability to properly convey the main idea, i.e. this core of sf. As if they had gone down the road Terminator or:

  • Beginning of the scenario
  • We have robots and we have this and that (sf elements). The place of the action: just a scene, a section of the war zone. You have to kill the 3 bad ones and save the 2 good ones. Civilians die along the way, but for example let’s save a poor child with dedication.
  • End of scenario.

we would get the so-called „four with plus” action movie in the fumes of sf. But as I said – this path was not chosen.

Therefore, the mental shortcuts that fill this movie (example: we must believe that in the near future in the territory of Ukraine in the fighting zone, walking as the only black man walking within illushtam (many, many) kilometers will not arouse suspicions) will kill this movie. Literally. At least in my opinion. I just can’t concentrate. Because I am not able to be deceived. And not in the literal sense. In the sense that I do not allow, I am not able to turn off my rational center and swallow like a pelican every nonsense served to me. Sometimes it works for a movie and sometimes it doesn’t. I couldn’t do it.

So the action is sometimes quite thrilling but extremely empty. Pointless. Action for action. Cash dispensing for cash dispensing.

The film In the war zone – the game acting

Did I say something about mental shortcuts? It’s hard to judge the actors who play these shortcuts. My feelings are gloomy. I will stick to one role in detail. Anthony Mackie is an actor without charisma. I mean, I don’t feel power in the characters he plays. He should play the losers, or the alcoholics crying over their own life of their own making.

And now I understand why a great series „crashed” Altered Carbon. It’s because of this guy. Until now, I thought maybe the script, maybe no vision anymore. No. It’s that black hole (did I write it ?!) that sucks any emotions out of the characters played and sucks the emotions out of viewers like me.

The film In the war zone – effects and so on

The effects are there. Even a lot. But what follows from this? Thread.

The film In the war zone – a desire to watch again in 2 years

I do not have. I don’t want to.

The film In the war zone – final evaluation

I do not recommend. The movie is meaningless in many ways. Action for action. Better watch yourself wrestling. Seemingly pretend but well played and you can easily be deceived.

reTraceX evaluates: I do not recommend

Explanation of ratings:

At the outset, I warn you that not every movie will have all the available ratings. There are simply fundamental assessments (the one that will always be), e.g. an assessment for a category. There are also ratings such as „willingness to watch the next episode”, which applies to series, so it is difficult to demand that it has its raison d’être with the rated full-length film.

  • Category: rating the film in its main category (of course this is my subjective choice. Sometimes it may happen that the film is, for example, SF action. interesting SF element that will boost the rating of the film more. As I said – it’s subjective but I don’t try to hurt the film, I always try to see this „something”.
  • Main plot: assessment of the main story told / Side plots: e.g. flashbacks, side stories of characters
  • Acting
  • Image, Music and Special Effects: These can be historical costumes or life on another planet. I will not always pick out each of these elements. If I did not refer to it, it means that it was “neutral” in reception.
  • Wanting to watch an episode: immediately after the previous one
  • Willingness to come back in 2 years: would I like to see this movie or series again / was it a pleasure to watch the movie or series again
  • Overall Impression: Without going into detail the overall reception.


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