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The film Passenger 57. An older action movie with a great cast. Is it still worth seeing in 2021? There are films much older that are still a pleasure to watch. Whether Passenger 57 he has aged as well as The Thing?

The film Passenger 57 – times are changing

Of course, I write all this trying to be objective, but there is no point in deceiving myself that subjectivism is strong in me and in you. What’s more – it changes over time. What used to be fascinating is now hardly interested. Not always. But often. I myself remember playing in the 90s many games on my Amiga and later on my PC, where I saw smooth, wonderful pictures on the screen. I have not seen pixelosis. I saw fantastically complex locations, tasks or other game elements and with exceptions (BG even) it was a false image.

You can see it painfully how a man driven by a note of nostalgia sometimes reaches for these old titles to abandon them immediately. Not everyone has it. However, I have exceeded the limits of graphic requirements a long time ago. I have RTX 3060 in full producer’s option but I haven’t played yet in such a demanding game. Nor will I go back to the old games.

Same with movies. If the film once delighted me, now the chance is small. But I don’t really see the „effects” or „graphics” problem here. I’m just bored with clichéd copy-paste diagrams both in the script and in the game.

The film Passenger 57 – main plot and side issues

Simple diagram. We quickly get to know the hero (along with the necessary minimum information package), and we quickly learn about the evil. Evil kills quickly and we quickly have a constant confrontation with our hero. Good wins. Oh .. also a touch of a woman and we already have the end credits. Tadam. Theoretically, there is nothing to pick on. Any action movie, if it is only meant to be an action movie, it is. Nevertheless, how to add to this simple scheme …

The film Passenger 57 – acting

We have a very angular, stiff acting game, print a characteristic film of the late 1980s and early 1990s. I would say the times of VCRs. It has its charm, it has its own atmosphere. But you have to like it. As I said, I have exceeded certain stages, boundaries, requirements and if the film does not provide me with something extra, then I will not be able to love again with my old love.

The film Passenger 57 – special effects, image, music

As I already mentioned – these elements do not offend me.

The film Passenger 57 – want to watch again in 2 years

I do not have. What’s more – even if they reheat this cutlet on TV, it is not an average view for me. I don’t feel a loss when, for example, I cook myself food in the kitchen and miss something. Again, it is an individual matter. In my feeling World War Z it is much better and although i have watched it several times more since Passenger 57 it is the „losses” that hurt me much more.

The film Passenger 57 – final evaluation

A correct action movie from the 90s. It has its own atmosphere. Pros are Wesley Snipes (always a plus for Snipes) and Elizabeth Hurley (young then; from then until now she has that something). By the way – in the context of this or similar films (such as They are alive) I am laughing at the accusations directed at Schwarzenegger that he is as square as a block (we are talking about acting).

reTraceX evaluates: You can see

Explanation of ratings:

At the outset, I warn you that not every movie will have all the available ratings. There are simply fundamental assessments (the one that will always be), e.g. an assessment for a category. There are also ratings such as „willingness to watch the next episode”, which applies to series, so it is difficult to demand that it has its raison d’être with the rated full-length film.

  • Category: rating the movie in its main category
  • Main plot: assessment of the main story told / Side plots: e.g. flashbacks, side stories of characters
  • Acting
  • Image, Music and Special Effects: These can be historical costumes or life on another planet
  • Wanting to watch an episode: immediately after the previous one
  • Willingness to come back in 2 years: would I like to see again someday / was it a pleasure to watch again
  • Overall Impression: Without going into detail the overall reception.


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