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The Jan Kochanowski Museum or Czarnolas Pod Lipą. “You have made emptiness in my house for me, My dear Orszula, these people will disappear. We are full, and as if there was no one: With one little soul so much has disappeared. ” Have you recalled? If not, then what do I not mention. Instead, I extend a helping hand and point to the place where you will find basic information about Jan Kochanowski, i.e. wikipedia! (this repository of knowledge is my support again). I myself admit that I do not remember much – but this desperate and longing tone to Ursula, or her deceased daughter – yes.

Jan Kochanowski Museum

My wife and I were returning from a few days trip to the Zamość region (it’s a beautiful area, by the way) and we decided to see something else along the way. This desire to see another interesting place in Poland is our driving force for sightseeing (and the desire to leave the house). It is also reinforced by a simple fact: long distances. Sometimes a trip to a specific place is a full-day or longer trip, so it is worth slowing down your return home and straying from the road. Perhaps this will be our only opportunity to be a monument in Poland.

As I have already mentioned, the Jan Kochanowski Museum was the last item on the agenda of my trip with my wife, entitled „trip, trip – anywhere”. I got there quite late – unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to precisely plan the travel times on Polish roads. So Czarnolas greeted me in the late afternoon.

The Jan Kochanowski Museum – the history of the facility

The seat of the museum is the classicist Jabłonowski manor from the 19th century. It was designed by Jakub Kubicki. Rebuilt after a fire in 1904 by the next owner, Stanisław Zawadzki. A brick manor, plastered, one-story, on high basements. It houses the permanent exhibition of the museum. (wikipedia)

Coming back to Czarnolas – I am not encouraging you to travel to the homes of the greatest poets, musicians or politicians (ajć) of our country (or the places where they were born or lived) in a moment. It just often turns out that you have the opportunity to see a beautiful manor with a beautiful park and a nice museum. You can then see with a little effort a picture of life there once. AND Czarnolas it is beautiful as only such a facility can be well-kept. Gem. I was not inside, but I could see the entire object from the outside. I have a lot of photos, but as it turns out, many of them are in the frame (either me or the wife – you know, such standard tourist shots), so only a few photos show this beautiful monument (it’s a pity because I would like to use more photos on this travel blog). I am only a tourist, and how is it fashionable now to pin patches in today’s world of celebrities as a photographer (the fact that an amateur among amateurs is probably the greatest)

This is a place that I would love to visit again (because of the manor house with the park, but also the museum that has not been visited). But as it often happens with me – abroad is closer than my home backyard. We will see.

Where for the weekend? Kazimierz Dolny and Czarnolas!

Czarnolas is close Kazimierz Dolnyso you can diversify your stay in this beautiful town by taking a trip to the Kochanowski Museum. Besides, we often spend our free time alone with my wife – a good base provides us with rest on days when we do not feel like anything, but we also have the opportunity to get in the car and literally see „miracles” in a moment. Anyway, Kazimierz Dolny himself is a gem. If you would like to find out in advance about the ticket price to the Jan Kochanowski Museum, please visit webpage monument.

To sum up: the Museum in Czarnolas is a bright spot on map of interesting places in Poland. I recommend – if you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to change the route a bit.

The Jan Kochanowski Museum – map


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