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Unwanted attractions in Turkey. It’s a damaging title, but in the right context, very appropriate. This is my last post about a trip to Turkey. I have talked so much about these „unwanted attractions in Turkey” that it is finally time to get down to the topic of „Unwanted attractions in Turkey”.

The trip was short (Turkey in spring without fear. Cheap organized trip). I admit. As already mentioned, the tour operator extended the program by 1 day. Thanks to this, there is a chance to do more and, more importantly, to visit it in peace Pamukkale (Pamukkale limestone terraces or Cleopatra’s pool) and Hierapolis (The ancient city of Hierapolis is not only about Cleopatra’s Basin). I did not have this chance, so I am talking about what I experienced. And I experienced bitterness. In such a short time, many, many hours were devoted to watching extra additions to the trip, which, after all, only led to a more explicit or less incentive to spend money in Turkish specific stores at the expense of exploring Turkey or even free time for myself was outrageous in my opinion !!!

By the way – let each carrier compose the trip well, because it may turn out that a tourist dissatisfied with the trip will one day start a travel blog (just like I started writing on ThiDoIn) and describe his indignation. And trust me – contrary to appearances, an entry on a website has several times greater power of communication than writing even on social networks (I am speaking from the position of an ordinary bread eater, i.e. a person whose eating light or dark bread does not raise national interest).

Nevertheless, there were some pluses – and in fact one, but that’s about to happen. There were three attractions. I will mention each one briefly.

Unwanted attractions in Turkey

  • Jewelry factories. At the expense of visiting Antalya and the beautiful old port (Antalya old city. Trade with the Turks, i.e. fighting for a beautiful lamp) we were taken to the gloomy, industrial part of the city. There was a huge hall (not like our shopping centers). In a small vestibule, there is a mini-museum with cognitive cabinets – so we would know what the stone looks like. Anyway, they led us to the hall, and basically to a swimming pool with piranhas. Lots of jewelery stands, each one is either Russian or Russian – like from a magazine. Forced smile from ear to ear and forcefully forced jewelry to buy. Somehow after 30 minutes our personal piranha detached – we really spoke no different languages ​​many times. Unfortunately, our success was only temporary – we waited an hour in the parking lot by the bus – they trapped a Polish woman for a ring. Of course, parking in areas offering nothing but boredom.
  • Leather clothing factory. Another nasty trick from our tour operator. Clothes so-so. Stunning prices. A boutique with shoes and handbags caused me to lose my eyesight (prices !!!). Only what I saw is the lamp I wrote about. There was also a fashion show on the catwalk and this is only a plus because I have not seen anything like this before (my impression is average – it was not a lingerie show).
  • Carpet factory. And this is one of the positives with a clear conscience. There was also an offer to buy, but not so intrusive. A very interesting place – the museum – where I saw very old carpets, how they are made, what are the differences (number of knots, material), the history of carpets. Oh cool. The carpets themselves are lined with numerous smaller and one huge rooms. Beautiful. Fun fact: carpets are not made in the factory itself. The pattern goes to the countryside to poor families. There, a woman is weaving. They buy back the carpet (such a social welfare program because it is monitored by the state) and sell it (well, for a higher price) on. In fact, it’s even a smart solution. Really, it was fun.

And here are the only photos I actually took – a fashion show – dark, it didn’t work out. jewelry – disgust made me reluctant to take pictures and carpets – I watched !!!

Unwanted attractions in Turkey – summary

Despite the unwanted attractions, I still have fond memories of this trip to Turkey. Tasty and cheap. I managed to see a few things and despite the difficulties, effort and nerves as it happens in life – only good things are remembered.

Thoughts on the Windmill – Explanation

The blog has moved from another page (ThiDoIn). I do not have the strength or time to rummage in photos and set new ones without a watermark. Nevertheless, I would like to announce that both photos and videos, especially the written word, belong to me.


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