Vilnius and Lublin

Vilnius and Lublin embraced by a magic mirror. I found a curiosity that encourages me to visit Lublin regions.

Vilnius and Lublin in embrace

Vilnius and Lublin were tied together with a magic mirror. In the old towns of both cities there is a round portal displaying the „other side”. Cool thing. All this thanks to the (international) project „Portal”. The project was born and implemented in Vilnius.

For many reasons, I consider it a great idea, an initiative. One of them is the fact that I am a diehard sf fan. I love SF movies and series and books. And encountering the mention of this project (link) I remembered various sf threads. Of course, the portals were used to move quickly over long distances and not so simple image transmission. Nevertheless, it is some hope that maybe. That soon … And certainly now, there is some reflection magic in it.

As if someone were in the old town, in Lublin or in Vilnius and let him look into this magic mirror. I dare not ask you to share your impressions ..

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