Palace in Struga. Great hotel, old monument. The idea for the weekend. Where to go in 2021?


Palace in Struga. Great hotel, old monument. The idea for the weekend. In fact, you already know the sections of the article. There will be no negative ratings. There will be only peans. Why did I choose the Palace in Struga? How did I get there? Through Italy …

Choosing a route to Italy

It is problematic. For me. Always. Of course it depends on my destination point. Venice, Florence or the south of Italy? It’s so simple. Plus 400 km. Plus 1000 km. Nevertheless, the core remains the same. And basically there is no core. Through Germany? Through the Czech Republic? Through Slovakia? Austria? And if so, only sleep and go to Italy. Or maybe stay in such Vienna for 2 days. The vacation is short, it is a pity every moment. Nevertheless.

Nevertheless, life is valuable and it is not worth doing 1600 or 1800 km in one run. I have already tested accommodation in the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. Just a moment. Nothing special, nothing cheap. An alternative is to stay overnight close to the southern border. Prices? Competitive. And the possibility of hassle-free conversation in the native language is an undeniable advantage.

Cheap accommodation in Czechia whether Austria or in Germany means one thing. They don’t know English (in most cases). I can’t speak Czech. German language is not as efficient as it used to be (and the Germans themselves do not help maliciously, no elementary adaptation to the level of knowledge of the interlocutor’s language).

By the way: I love Italy and I love Italians for their uncompromising approach to foreigners and the beauty of a mixture of some Italian, some German and some English and you can buy and arrange everything. And the Italian language sounds so familiar in the Polish ear (after all, we have a lot of language borrowings). And the warm smiles of Italians (compared to the ever gloomy Germans).

„Controllo elettronico della velocita”

And all clear…

Palace in Struga

This is my idea of ​​hooking up in the south of Poland. Palace in Struga in Lower Silesia. After looking at the offers and comparing prices and quality, I found this selection very attractive. Moreover, the fact itself residence in the monument (or in fact, in the former palace annex to the maximum degree)… To be honest, I wanted to rent a room there. Pictures very encouraging. It turns out on the spot that in fact everything is shiny and new.

Palace in Struga

Clean everywhere. Well-kept facility. Nice, very friendly service (I have the highest marks, but I have a comparison). The interior design is toned down (not a million things taken from different eras and tucked away wherever possible). Lots of leaflets about nearby attractions (it’s like someone wants to explore the area. But I will mention that later). Tasty breakfasts. Let’s call it: „semi-automatic”. We order the warm part from the waiter, the cold part – we serve ourselves.

The rooms are quite spacious, nice, comfortable beds, new TV, the channels are various. Depending on the quality of the hotel, we have a larger or smaller corner – chairs, a table, a desk. In general – wood, white, shades of brown. Clean and calming. Overall – for the price (even if the Palace in Struga was not nearby) we get comfort, peace and quality. Everything that I have described and you can see for yourself on the hotel’s website (the hotel is simply called the Struga Palace).

And I would like to emphasize that the price is not excessive (I do not know about you, but I am fed up with testing Villa Kasia, Villa Ania, Villa Zuzi … they value themselves but without coverage in the service). Speaking of which ..

The rental of Polish monuments is cheap

For parties, baptisms, weddings or overnight stays. I know because, for example, on the occasion of my wedding, I was wondering how it is that renting a castle (wedding hall, rooms, food, after-parties) is cheaper than renting the same service at the wedding house of Tamara or Zuzia or another god of spirit of a guilty person …

Simply – don’t be afraid to ask for the price.

This is the essence of renting a room in such a facility (or, as in the case of Struga Palace, in one of the buildings belonging to the historic complex). The palace in Struga is beautiful. The building is complete. Despite the devastation, you can see exactly what it was in the past and who knows, maybe it will be back soon.

What am I talking about? Well, back to the hotel. Its creation was financed from European funds. It’s for boot. Now the hotel is working dynamically (maintaining prices throughout the period of operation – I know because recently I checked if something had changed during these … two years) and may he earn enough money to renovate the palace.

It is true that now you can visit the Palace in Struga (there is such a service, a cheap ticket), but the very thought of what this facility can become, how it can be … ThiDoIn blog I mentioned the costs of reconstruction and maintenance of monuments).

History of the Palace in Struga

Beginnings unknown. Later, a castle or a fortified manor house (14th century). The outbuilding (1560), the Czettritz Palace (built on the site of a fortified manor house around 1730). The town itself Stream she is older. References (here again, discrepancies in dating depending on the source of information, but generally speaking, the thirteenth century will not mislead anyone).

Struga Palace is a good idea for a weekend

At least for the weekend. I did not regret it. I love places that provide me with attractions (in this case one-day) when I don’t want to drive a car. But the Struga Palace is also a great starting point. You leave the palace to visit castles, manors, monasteries and old towns of Silesian cities (I have already mentioned that Lower Silesia is a treasure trove of monuments). The proximity of the Czech Republic (with the shortest vignette purchased) means that you have unlimited sightseeing opportunities not only for one weekend, but for at least a dozen or so. All within an hour or two of driving.

I have already described on this travel blog great tour of Hitler’s secret laboratory. It was Struga that was my starting point then. And this is just a tiny part of my adventures at that time.

Even though I like to sleep in new places, test and taste, for me, Struga Palace is a sure point for each planned trip to those regions of Lower Silesia (and I plan just such a Polish-Czech castle tour). I simply recommend and you take advantage of the hospitality offered by this facility.

Struga Palace – map

Thoughts on the windmill – an explanation

Blog moved from another side (ThiDoIn). I do not have the strength or time to rummage in photos and set new ones without a watermark. Nevertheless, I announce that both photos and videos, and even more so, the word written on it travel blog they are all mine.

I feel that I have found the ultimate haven for this part of my life that I would like to describe. Thoughts on the windmill it’s a good name to reflect my life. Some chaos and inconsistency. Fortunately, sometimes in my life I will find time to see something interesting tourist attraction and sometimes (but less often than i would like to) describe it on this travel blog. At the same time I run the page on which I am placing movie review (but also i I rate series). I invite you! (link).

The Palace in Struga – a visit after two years

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Palace in Struga again. I have a few thoughts and they generally boil down to the fact that my admiration for the Struga Palace has been “blunted”. Why? Explanation below:

  • There is no 24/7 reception anymore. 21 o’clock means that we will not find anyone there except other hotel guests. It also means that we will no longer buy a few things deep at night from the hotel’s mini bar. This means that the Struga Palace is a place where you have thoughts „will I make it?” which is less comfortable and yet we want to spend time in a comfortable way.
  • I miss the service from two years ago. A gentleman whose name I do not remember, unfortunately, who creates the “palace” atmosphere. The breakfasts were more enjoyable (I don’t mean the quality, but the entourage itself), not to mention the fact that I was deprived of the „hot part” of breakfast.
  • The saddening impressions continued: there is no longer any European flair in the room, that is television in different languages ​​(even if only a few), but we have an explosive mixture of Polish and public. Not every Pole will be satisfied with such a set of dishes. The basic weakness I consider is leaving broken toilet devices in a perfidious way, i.e. setting everything to fall apart when touched, just like my previous impression full of admiration from two years ago.

Nevertheless, a few things can easily be counted among these positive things:

  • Being objective: latecomers still available. You have a reservation and someone will come to you at midnight. Mobile phone (because landline phones ring in the deserted and dark reception area behind the door where you are waiting) available on the information sticker on the front door. Disadvantage: waiting time for the hotel staff to reach the facility about 25 minutes.
  • The Palace in Struga itself has not changed. Which is both a disadvantage and an advantage (depending on how you look at it). To put it bluntly – the monument was not devastated. The hotel building itself (Struga Palace) is still pleasant from the outside and inside.
  • Still the price of the rooms is decent (quality – price). It is not raised in the long run, which is very good news.
  • The hotel staff is still nice.

Summary: I do not know where this (at my own request) fall to the shelf of the lower-class facility. I understand that money is an important thing, but the rule is: money makes money. These few scratches are not disturbing in themselves, but they are in mass. May the direction of changes be reversed.


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