Sanctuary in Krzeszów. Baroque pearl in Lower Silesia. Attractions in 2021


Sanctuary in Krzeszów. I was lucky enough to see this amazing place. Really. Driving there, I did not expect that so much many attractions is open to visitors. All in all, this word attraction is inadequate. The fact that the Sanctuary in Krzeszów is such Częstochowa is one thing, but there are also other aspects that require each visitor to be more humble.

Visiting Lower Silesia

I just started looking around this province and I’m already in love. Wealth. Castles, palaces, manors. But also a lot of remnants of the Nazi times (above and below the ground, for example Hitler’s lost laboratory in Kamienna Góra). They are also lovely landscapes. Just nature. To sum up – the area is steeped in history woven into an extraordinary landscape.

As I mentioned, my highlight for smaller and bigger trips was the great hotel next to the hotel Palace in Struga. I hope that I will visit Lower Silesia more than once to explore its attractions. Currently, I am very unsatisfied, the more so that I have managed to visit northern Poland quite thoroughly.

Sanctuary in Krzeszów

Returning to what I saw in Krzeszów at the beginning I will say that in my opinion you need to book a full day for this place. Personally, I was only a few hours and I found it too short. Too much information, images in too short a time because this place really offers a lot.

Sanctuary in Krzeszów

Tourist information about the Sanctuary in Krzeszów

Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Krzeszów – the former Cistercian abbey built in 1728-1735 (wiki). St. Józefa was built in the years 1690 – 1696. The abbot’s guest house was erected in 1734.

In front of this monument complex you will find several places to simply eat. As for parking spaces, there are plenty of them and they are everywhere (huge paid yards and smaller free ones). Perhaps there are days of the year that even these spacious parking lots are full, but I felt quite strange putting my car on a small lake made of asphalt.

Tickets at an obscenely low price compared to what we get.

Sanctuary in Krzeszów – Basic route

Cost: an adult PLN 10

Time: 1.5 hours

Hours of operation: May 1 – October 31 from 9.00 am00 – 1800; November 1 – April 30 from 900 – 1500

Hiring a guide in Polish: PLN 50

  • monastery church (basilica)
  • St. Joseph
  • Mausoleum of the Silesian Piasts
  • Mary Magdalene Chapel

Sanctuary in Krzeszów – The extended route

Cost: an adult PLN 18

Time: 3.5 hours

Opening hours: every Saturday and Sunday

Hiring a guide in Polish: PLN 100

  • basic route
  • the basement of the monastery church
  • attic and basilica tower
  • abbey museum
  • summer pavilion on the water

Detailed information:

To this day, I do not know if the better option is to take a guide or not. It is interesting with a guide, but there are simply fixed time frames. Visiting the Sanctuary in Krzeszów without a guide, you gain freedom, however, at the cost of the story told by the guide (and if the guide is really good, the loss is huge). In fact, it is the same dilemma as in Malbork.

For those who resign from the guide, I will suggest that on the basic route you can use audio guides (in Polish, English, German, Russian and Czech). They work great. And with them you regulate the pace of sightseeing. 90 minutes? Book more. To calmly absorb the whole experience. And I am talking only about the basic route. The extended route takes so much time by itself because the summer pavilion on the water is far from the complex itself, so you have to reserve time for a fairly long walk.

Information for pilgrims: Kalwaria Krzeszowska – a complex of 16 chapels with 32 stations in Krzeszów; the entire way of the cross is over 5 km long (wiki).

At the end, I will tell you that you can eat there as well. Decent, basic Polish cuisine at a reasonable price. The fact that there is a souvenir shop is obvious.

Before I start talking about what can be seen in Krzeszów, I would like to say that it is worth just visiting the entire complex (even looking for a place to take a photo). Huge area surrounded by an uninteresting wall with beautiful chapels woven into it.

Entering it, we will see four large buildings: in front of the basilica, on the right the abbey building; on the left (diagonally) the Abbot’s Guest House and completely on the left: the Church of St. Joseph. Between the Abbot’s House and the church is the canteen I mentioned.

Sanctuary in Krzeszów

Sanctuary in Krzeszów

Behind the basilica there is a small abbey cemetery, the Mausoleum of the Silesian Piasts and the Chapel of Mary Magdalene.

When I remember my stay at the Sanctuary in Krzeszów, I distinguish three main points (probably everyone will remember this place differently):

Baroque pearl in Lower Silesia

Basilica (smaller) and the Church of St. Joseph. Both buildings are beautiful inside, although from the outside, the basilica is overwhelming with its architecture. It is not about the size (because of course it is the largest building) but about numerous architectural details.

Sanctuary in KrzeszówSanctuary in Krzeszów

It is worth walking around it. Inside, the two objects are different. It’s about the accent. The emphasis that is placed in the church on a large number of great frescoes and on a larger number of other wooden details that are available in the Basilica. The basilica is dripping with frescoes and decorated wood. It feels much richer. It is even overwhelming. In the church (which, when you look closely, it does not yield to its content at all) it is easier to focus. It was easier to feel this inner taste (to put it simply, I felt less chaos of reception).

Sanctuary in KrzeszówSanctuary in KrzeszówSanctuary in KrzeszówSanctuary in Krzeszów

Nevertheless, joy, delight and admiration. All the time.

Audio guides bring order to the tour. The perception of impressions. It is worth taking advantage of them.

Mausoleum of the Silesian Piasts

Beautiful, spacious place. Richly decorated. It contains richly decorated coffins containing the remains of the Silesian Piasts: Bolek I Raw, Bernard Permanent, Bolek II Mały, Henry I and Henry II.

Expired lines, families. And from this thought and such – royal, Polish, in-depth families … Also extinguished … What would be …?

Memento mori

The cemetery, the Chapel of Mary Magdalene and… As I have already mentioned, at the back of the Basilica in Krzeszów there is a cemetery where Benedictine and Benedictine nuns are buried. On the side of the monument, there are cellar rooms containing coffins in which Cistercians are buried. All this is topped off by the Chapel of Mary Magdalene (the entrance is roughly halfway along the side of the Basilica). It is a dark place that enhances the theme of the place I mentioned: memento mori.

Sanctuary in Krzeszów – summary

In each place I had different emotions, different pace of sightseeing and different thoughts. That is why I remember my stay at the Sanctuary in Krzeszów and this is how I present it.

To sum up: the amount of emotions, the amount of sensations, the amount of thoughts, in general, the richness of this place’s offer makes it for me one of the most beautiful places in Poland. You just have to be there. At least once.

Sanctuary in Krzeszów – map

Thoughts on the windmill – an explanation

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