The Losers movie. Almost a good mix. What to watch in 2021?


The Losers movie. Almost a good mix. Do not be influenced by the subtitle, just enter and read a review about this action movie.

The Losers movie – quick introduction

At the outset, we get to know a group of daredevils whose fate we will follow. It’s about betrayal and revenge. A simple template and most importantly, kept to the very end. Along the way, a super goddess was introduced but it was done with great skill. Overall, each plot (main or side) is consistent and has a purpose in this movie. This is a lot for a production that is only to provide entertainment in the dust that envelops the insane number of defeated opponents.

The Losers movie – action and action again, or rather plagiarism and plagiarism again

If I were to bring you closer to this film, I would use more known productions and I would quickly find a mixture of three films:

  • Mission Imposible – when it comes to the reception of the action and the method of shooting
  • Expendables – when it comes to the group and the way of creating characters. Such zooming in through humor. Anyway, the humor is quite similar. Sometimes he is numb and sometimes he is funny.
  • James Bond – the main evil character is „alive” taken from this cult series.

I have never had a grudge against the film that it draws heavily on the great predecessors. If anything, I blame the not-so-good plagiarism. Well, it is difficult to follow the already well-worn trail. It turns out that a lot of movies have been lost in this field.

As for the movie The Losers this is not bad. It is fine in the first and second points. In the third point, however, it is weak. But I will explain this in the assessment in the point: „acting”.

The Losers movie – threads

I mentioned it before, but it is worth repeating the advantage of this film. The general sense is felt. Each subsequent thread is introduced deliberately. Each thread has been found for a specific reason and at the right time. The scenario is well thought out.

The Losers movie – the game acting – it’s good

Jeffrey Dean Morgan – I liked his role very much (for me, top 1 in this movie). Anyway, the entire cast (except Jason Patric, described below) played well or very well.

Idris Elba – I can’t say that he played badly, but I missed something in this performance. I believe this actor fell into one of the few holes in the script. There was no credibility because there was no time for this character. She got a similar time as other members (the less significant ones) of the daredevil team, but she got a richer thread. And there was just not enough time to make the thread more credible. It’s a pity because this actor is a mega firecracker. I like his tough guys outfits.

The Losers movie – the game acting – it’s bad

Jason Patric, who played the main „bad guy”, did not cope with the role. While watching it, I had the impression that the film’s „rating” was falling. As soon as I got shots without that actor, the movie’s “rating” went up. I did not like the copied „zloty” from James Bond because I got an empty shell, a neuter, without the feeling of seeing any emotions in this creation. It’s just bad.

The Losers movie – effects and the rest

It is rich.

The Losers movie – want to watch it again in 2 years

This is not a movie that he reaches out to relive any moments of emotion. But this is a movie of someone playing in a room that you can safely see. This is a production that shines while watching, but goes out to the maximum right after it’s finished. It’s hard to describe. At least that’s how I see it.

The Losers film – final evaluation

Although I wrote about the fact that the film is quickly forgotten, it has a lot of advantages in itself and it is difficult for it to give a low grade. Because it does not deserve a low grade. I regret it, because I see great potential in it, which, as we know, was not used (we did not get a series worth remembering). In some ways I like it more than the movie Expendables. I guess the point is that I like the choice of actors more. And so at the end I have the feeling that if 5 more minutes in the movie were given for the dispute thread on the Clay vs Roque line, it would be an even better movie. But no .. wait. With this main evil going on in Max without changing the actor, it wouldn’t have improved significantly, however.

reTraceX evaluates: I recommend

Explanation of ratings:

At the outset, I warn you that not every movie will have all the available ratings. There are simply fundamental assessments (the one that will always be), e.g. an assessment for a category. There are also ratings such as „willingness to watch the next episode”, which applies to series, so it is difficult to demand that it has its raison d’être with the rated full-length film.

  • Category: rating the film in its main category (of course this is my subjective choice. Sometimes it may happen that the film is, for example, SF action. interesting SF element that will boost the rating of the film more. As I said – it’s subjective but I don’t try to hurt the film, I always try to see this „something”.
  • Main plot: assessment of the main story told / Side plots: e.g. flashbacks, side stories of characters
  • Acting
  • Image, Music i Special effects: these can be historical costumes or life on another planet. I will not always pick out each of these elements. If I did not refer to it, it means that it was “neutral” in reception.
  • Wanting to watch an episode: immediately after the previous one
  • Willingness to come back in 2 years: would I like to see this movie or series again / was it a pleasure to watch the movie or series again
  • Overall Impression: Without going into detail the overall reception.


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