The movie 6 Underground. Action from Netflix. What to watch in 2021?


The movie 6 Underground. Almost a good mix from Netflix. Do not be influenced by the subtitle, just enter and read a review about this action movie.

Film 6 Underground – I’ve seen it somewhere

Again, we are dealing with an old, proven template. But it does not bother me and I can safely say that I am satisfied. An action movie is not a field for great intellectual shows. It is supposed to happen and it is not to be offended by stupidity. The movie 6 Underground in this respect more or less follows the established pattern. It’s good.

The movie 6 Underground – action and action again with a dose of humor

The beginning of the film dents. I like this style of filming, basically serving the dish. It reminds me a bit of shots from superhero movies. I am not surprised that this measure was applied because it is hard to believe that anyone chased by such a gang of thugs would survive for so long. Well, but the movie shows it so skillfully that I get deceived. It’s just amazing.

Film 6 Underground – threads

What I like about this movie is also a way of equipping us as viewers with the necessary character information package. Fast, succinct and I don’t feel unsatisfied. Well, maybe it is too „shallow”. But this is already a form of individual grasping.

The movie 6 Underground – the game acting could be …

Could be a little better. The problem in movies is then when we see an actor who played a flash somewhere and in the movie being watched, it is so … pale. Sometimes the viewer does not pay attention to the chronology and we just watch the „pale” earlier performance and the „shot” one is from a later time when the actor has developed in his skills.

But not in this case. Ryan Reynolds already after the second part Deadpool he could give a little more. And I don’t know if these are Deadpools this is an advantage in his achievements. I think they’re pregnant. In the film 6 Underground we have some inner struggle between Reynolds and Deadpool and Reynolds with Safe House.

As for the other actors: it’s very fun. Nice mix with very different characters. I have no objections. And the „bad” is more ordinary, but also better (because without artificial freaks) than in movie The Losers.

6 Underground Movie – Netflix

I don’t know if many people are aware of it, but this movie is called Netflix Originals, so it’s a production, property of Netflix. In the context of complaining about this giant, it is worth remembering. They made a very nice movie.

Film 6 Underground – effects and the rest

It’s great when it comes to the action and all the necessary envelope. The scenes are shot on a grand scale. The beginning of the movie is a capital C. Then it goes down a bit, but luckily we won’t get to little c, squeaking with a thin voice. You know what’s going on.

6 Underground movie – want to see it again in 2 years

Very small. Again, another movie that didn’t break through the glass ceiling. There is no cult character in it. Those old stagers like Predator it’s a big deal and I don’t know what you need to do to break into this league. Maybe too many similar movies. Sometimes some creators try to add something extra to achieve the impossible, and most often it ends in a disaster. Luckily in the movie 6 Undeground there is no such thing. A very correct action movie came out.

Film 6 Underground – final evaluation

This is a very correct action movie. Go ahead to see.

reTraceX evaluates: I recommend

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