Altered Carbon. Netflix could have had its cult series. What to watch in 2021?


Altered Carbon. For many years, this series will remain in my overall top 10 and top 5 sf series. I know that he has many admirers, but also a lot of, at least disappointed viewers. The controversy is caused by the series’ inaccuracy in relation to the book. In addition, Netflix showed its sloppy face once again and canceled the project after the second season. A lot to write, but I will focus on the most important issues.

Serial Altered Carbon

What I am writing is my feeling as a sci-fi fan of all characters. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game, book, movie, series, anime or spirit music. Series Altered Carbon it’s a top-notch sci fi. The number of references to epic themes, discussed in the various ways of communication mentioned by me, simply knocks you on your knees. I respect the depth of mapping the world of the future. Momentum, technique of shots, threads, slowing down and speeding up the action. Yes – this is a cult series for me. And yet we are talking about a young production (2018-2020).

I am able to understand quite cool reactions of viewers for whom sci-fi is not the main leitmotif in the sought entertainment. But I cannot understand the lamentation of those who think the series is weak because it is not an exact representation of the book. I have read all the books in the series and I think the opposite. The whole spirit of the book was perfectly transferred. And that there are some minor or major inaccuracies? Let us consider whether such a tangled cycle could be transferred to the screens. Well no. And if there was a product, each viewer would have to be given a huge package of drugs for the screening, otherwise it would not be possible to watch it.

Altered Carbon – leitmotif

So immortality. This touched thread alone will give anyone who wants to reflect on it, hours of fun with their own mind. And the way to immortality (related to the source of raw materials) takes hours or days. Really, it’s rare to have such a graceful central theme in a movie or TV series. But it doesn’t stop there!

Altered Carbon – smaller stories

Contrary to appearances, these smaller stories are giants compared to threads from many other series. Smaller stories only because we compare the scale to the content in the series Altered Carbon. The artificial intelligence featured in this series with details and variations is a gem in cinematography. The very thread of love over time, over distance is also a rarity. Many same minds in different bodies. The Impact of Immortality on Personality. Ways of mixing. Entertainment in the future. Use of disembodied minds. Social stratification and so on … This can be watched and analyzed over and over again.

Altered Carbon – a study of acting

You can clearly feel how much a given actor can bring or can take from a given production. In season 1, in my opinion, we have a more charismatic and better reflecting the feelings of the character played on what is happening in the series. In Season 2, we have a flatter actor. It’s really hard to feel the emotions of a character sometimes. As if it was played on one note. One of the reasons for my feeling is that Joel Kinnaman (season 1) has a more pronounced voice than Anthony Mackie (season 2). I do not include Will Yun Lee, who also played the main character for two reasons: the roles were smaller, and he played great in both seasons.

Altered Carbon – Netflix will never reach ..

I don’t know why I keep delusing myself that Netflix probably wants to have in its portfolio such production as: Game of Thrones (HBO) or Amazon Prime The Expanse. Best SF Series? What to watch in 2021? (Amazon). If this is the case, then Netflix is ​​doing everything to never get that top 1. Their policy of deleting series for the 1st or 2nd season, because the posts do not fully match, is crazy. And the implemented additional policy that series can only have 3 seasons is taken from the ceiling (and excel). Maybe the bars are correct, but Netflix will always be average.

Altered Carbon – lots of interesting characters

Listing and describing the characters I liked, it would take me so long to create a short story. So, in general, I will say – it’s rich, it’s great. The more that a given character could be played by several actors (from children to a range of adults). So – wow.

It is also worth mentioning a really good palette of „bad” characters. And generally about the huge palette of personalities featured in this series.

Altered Carbon – the effects are not only

Effects aren’t the only thing this series can offer. The background music or sound is not very „visible” because it is covered with a ton of visual delicacies. But let me tell you that this is a very good quality job that has been done in this series. The second thing that impressed me are the streets full of people. And it is perfectly reproduced. Better than Cyber ​​Punk. Those high-quality cool stuff on the show Altered Carbon there is much more. Thanks to all this, it’s easy to feel the world.

Altered Carbon – which I didn’t like

I have already written about the slightly weaker game (or not well-chosen actor) of the actor Anthony Mackie. another thing is that in season 2 the main character got into a love-flashback relationship too much. When we have action 10/10, it comes back in front from time to time Isaur’s slave girl. This spoils my reception a bit. And to be precise: I am talking about quantity and not the fact itself.

Altered Carbon – why viewers might not be fooled

That’s my wish. LGBT.

Altered Carbon – Critics’ ratings on various „established” portals

They are shit. Sorry for the language, but such a crap is hard to experience – even in the comments of ordinary users. Anyway, this applies to many other productions. This is also the reason for the assumption reTraceX to write longer movie reviews in which someone (in this case me) will write WHY they like something or something does not suit them in a given movie or series.

Altered Carbon – want to watch again in 2 years

Huge. While writing this review, I am watching this series for the fifth time (I’m finishing season 2).

Altered Carbon – final evaluation

It is a top shelf sci fi and I can only recommend it. There will be no 10/10 for the reasons described above but there will be a very strong rating anyway.

reTraceX evaluates: I definitely recommend it.

Clarification of ratings in movie review:

At the outset, I warn you that not everyone movie will have all available ratings. There are simply fundamental assessments (the one that will always be), e.g. an assessment for a category. There are also ratings like „wanting to watch the next episode” that applies serials so it is difficult to demand the assessed one full-length film it had its raison d’être.

  • Category: movie rating in its main category (of course, this is my subjective choice. Sometimes it may happen that a movie is e.g. SF share. I choose Action category because movie is better in this area. Sometimes I choose SF because in movie it can be very interesting element SFwhich will boost the film’s rating more strongly. As I said – this is it subjective evaluation but I’m not trying to hurt movie ratings. I always try to see that „something”.
  • Main plot: assessment of the main story told / Side plots: e.g. flashbacks, side stories of characters
  • Acting
  • Image, Music i Special effects: these can be historical costumes or life on another planet. I will not always pick out each of these elements. If I did not refer to it, it means that it was “neutral” in reception.
  • Wanting to watch an episode: immediately after the previous one
  • Willingness to come back in 2 years: would I like to see this movie or series again / was it a pleasure to watch the movie or series again
  • Overall impression: without going into detail the overall reception.


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