Lucifer series. Fallen Angel what he lost .. What to watch in 2021?


Lucifer series. A fallen angel who lost his angel wings by cutting them off to himself. And my attitude towards this show is similar. The first season is a flight in full splendor. In season two, I landed and got rid of my wings. Without the slightest regret. Why? I would like to write some disturbing sentences, terrifying words as the reasons for my approach or reception of this series, but I cannot. I warn you that the truth is sometimes boring.

Lucifer series – my initial reception

He’s in there series something specific. Such a plagiarism, so skillfully made that only sometimes there is an unnamed thought on the back of the head that something is wrong. The word plagiarism does not apply to this series (or rather, it is used excessively). This word is simply the best for me (and maybe for you) in this explanation to illustrate the feelings that appear in me (which are momentary, flashing, barely perceptible). There is a dose of uniqueness in this series, and if I were to try to name the unnamed, I would say that it is due to the actors. Actors perfectly suited to the roles they play. Actors perfectly matched to the script and already full of stories in which their characters live. Actors perfectly matched to the conducted, implemented and live interaction between the characters.

Series Lucifer – problems arise in action

The problem with series is one – how to maintain a fairly high level of interest from the viewer. In my case, the series Lucifer failed. But I know it has a large audience, so it’s hard to say so directly that the „project” failed. If I had to give the most important reason for „disliking” the series, it would be the action. Or rather, a pattern of an episode. I do not know if I have already eaten a series of „copy-paste” episodes, but at least I did. Quite quickly because he mentioned in the second season.

What do I mean by copy-paste? I understand this as a show case Detective Monk for example. There are many similar series. Each episode would seem to be stripped of „trash” it would turn out to be the same skeleton. But for some series, re-dressing the same skeleton interests me. And not in the case of other series. And it’s hard to explain why this is so.

Lucifer series – I am not unsatisfied

The first season shows us some really profound characters. And I am not unsatisfied with following the fate of these characters. Their transformation – from the good side to the bad side, from left to right or from the north to the south, does not interest me. There is no „wow” effect, no dynamics in the lead of these characters, or in the changes made to the action (in terms of main plots, not in terms of single-episode plots). Overall, I have the feeling that the series was meant for this one season. And then it went on because he liked it too much.

Lucifer series – these indecision

In this series, they wanted to combine the series at the same time Detective Monk with some epic tale in the haze of a Catholic version of a movie similar to a picture Wrath of the Titans. This is how I think about this detective Monk – analyzing in depth I am not surprised that I had such a first association. So this „example” that I wrote a few sentences earlier is quite unnecessary.

Thinking further on the show Lucifer then I come to another conclusion that I probably liked it refreshed Detective Monk but I didn’t buy the „fight of the gods” project. For this project where there is fight, aggression, power, dynamics, darkness, you need a credible transformation of the main character. And I have a feeling that he is still stuck in the pattern of the first season. Naive, polite, devoid of old charisma, empty, beautiful shell. Nothing more..

Lucifer series – actors and effects

As I already wrote – the actors play very well and look very good. Great casting. Here I do not have much room to „pick on”. This is not „outstanding” acting of course, but it is really solid. The entire shell, i.e. effects or decorations, are also very solid. Technically, the show is good. Really.

Lucifer series – boredom?

For me yes. Some of the naivety from season 1 that I noticed I was able to swallow. Repeating patterns, games, naivety in Season 2 gave me a loud „enough” thought. Of course, this series is better than the Polish series Father Matthew because he has more to offer but this one feels more in season 1 because later we can only moan “the king is naked”.

Series Lucifer – Netflix does not have its own rules

Strangely for this series Netflix completely forgot about his own rules. The next seasons are being created (6!). Despite my attitude, I am not going to scold this company. Quite the opposite. Glory to them! On the other hand, I feel sorry that so many nice projects have been brutally deleted. Well. I just don’t understand.

Serial Lucifer – Netflix and its copy paste

I wrote in this series reviews, about the „copy-paste” mechanism. I recently wrote another review. Also a series. Also signed Netflix Originals. We are talking about Lupine series on Netflix. Boring novelty. What to watch in 2021?. The subtitle itself is significant. Why didn’t I come up with this sooner. Ah .. you Monk. I will remember you for a long time …

Lucifer series – want to see it again in 2 years

I don’t have the smallest. I will not swallow this dish that I have eaten once before. For me, this series is just too boring and too schematic.

Lucifer series – final evaluation

Just because I lost my spirit on this show doesn’t mean you won’t like it either. This series has a lot of fans and good ratings. It is worth seeing the first season to feel a rather specific atmosphere.

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Clarification of ratings in movie review:

At the outset, I warn you that not everyone movie will have all available ratings. There are simply fundamental assessments (the one that will always be), e.g. an assessment for a category. There are also ratings like „wanting to watch the next episode” that applies serials so it is difficult to demand the assessed one full-length film it had its raison d’être.

  • Category: movie rating in its main category (of course, this is my subjective choice. Sometimes it may happen that a movie is e.g. SF share. I choose Action category because movie is better in this area. Sometimes I choose SF because in movie it can be very interesting element SFwhich will boost the film’s rating more strongly. As I said – this is it subjective evaluation but I’m not trying to hurt movie ratings. I always try to see that „something”.
  • Main plot: assessment of the main story told / Side plots: e.g. flashbacks, side stories of characters
  • Acting
  • Image, Music i Special effects: these can be historical costumes or life on another planet. I will not always pick out each of these elements. If I did not refer to it, it means that it was “neutral” in reception.
  • Wanting to watch an episode: immediately after the previous one
  • Willingness to come back in 2 years: would I like to see this movie or series again / was it a pleasure to watch the movie or series again
  • Overall Impression: Without going into detail the overall reception.


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